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In short… create a crew and get involved.

The Nike Football App enables you to challenge others from the palm of your hand to the pitch with your feet.

This video, which quite frankly is utterly sublime shows how you can do that. Though, this is set in Mexico City and looks the bees. Players clad in the new MercurialX too, which I might add, is another beautiful addition to the X family from Nike.


So good.

Teaming up with top photographers from favourites of ours, SM2 Studio, Birmingham City have unveiled their 2015/16 season ticket campaign in fine fashion.

With a high standard throughout, this imagery helps showcase the message – bringing together the city, the club and the fans. The presentation is delivered with fine taste, incorporating land marks of Birmingham into the players. Top photography and great composition, this is an all round, smart campaign with design work being done by Birmingham City.

city by name 1

city by name 2

city by name 3

city by name 4

city by name 5

Along with that this video helps shine that message through further that was created with the help of Mike Raven.


Beautifully done, you can find out more about the campaign here. You can also see more brilliant work from SM2 Studio, here.

Following on from the likes of Everton and Wolves – it’s damn good to see another club take a fresh direction in their approach to inviting supporters to join as season ticket holders.

Hibs are the latest club we’re taking a look at. Their simply brilliant, clean and all-round top drawer execution of #WEAREHIBERNIANFC is stellar.

we are hibs 12elfth man 1

Excellent photography, a responsive website and a brilliantly shot video package the all round product in fine fashion.

we are hibs 12elfth man 2

we are hibs 12elfth man 3

Competitively priced the actual structure of the tickets offers good value for money with the club actually reducing their prices for the 2015/16 season.

Watch the video that brings it all together here:


Ace isn’t it?

we are hibs 12elfth man 4

You can find out everything you need to know about the campaign along with ticket prices etc here.

That sums it up quite frankly. We all love football.

There’s certainly a poetic romanticism that is linked to sunday league football. From the knackered goals, to the ski slope pitches. We’ve all experienced them and think fondly of the tales they bring.

This documentary, made by Hard Line Productions, is a brilliant presentation of the game at it’s most purest level – grass roots.

Showcasing everything we love about the beautiful game, so much time for this:


Find out more about Hard Lines and see more of their fantastic work here.

Everton we are chosen header

At the tail end of last week, we featured the 15/16 season ticket campaign by Wolverhampton Wanderers – I mentioned how this time of year is always quite an awesome one for new products / releases and general creativity in and around the game. There’s a lot of planning done for the future and this is the time a lot comes to the fore.

So, up next is Everton and their 15/16 season ticket campaign. They haven’t dissapointed – far from it – they’ve smashed it. ‘We Are Chosen’ unites fans, players and staff in their support for the club they love. It’s an aspirational piece shot in fine fashion, the delivery is brilliant.

Here’s the video that is at the heart of the campaign.


Adding another dimension to the campaign, there’s also some great behind the scenes footage and photography.

Everton we are chosen 1

Everton we are chosen 2

Everton we are chosen 4

Here’s the first behind the scenes video:


And here’s the second:


Everton we are chosen 5

The club have created a bespoke landing page for the campaign with additional photography, prices and all the FAQs // See it here. They’re also inviting fans to send in their Everton tattoos – you can see a full gallery of tats here.

Everton we are chosen 3

Very cool and a lot of time for this.

What are your club doing? Shout if you see anything that should be shared! @12elfthman

Football teams appearing in sponsors adverts – of course, nothing new there but Qatar Airways don’t half put a good shift in. Especially when they team up with FC Barcelona. In their latest tv spot the Catalan giants are jetting off around the globe – Pique is miming in France, Suarez is on horse back way out west and Messi is doing Karate…Standard.

qatar barcelona tv ad iniesta

qatar barcelona tv ad messi

qatar barcelona tv ad neymar

qatar barcelona tv ad pique

qatar barcelona tv ad suarez

Watch the full video here:


I’m a big fan. Light hearted holiday fun – I promise the summer is just around the bend…

It’s not the first time the two giants have teamed up for an ad of course. Here’s 2013s effort.



There’s no denying the presence of adidas at any major sporting event. Whether it’s a World Cup final or your local Sunday league. The objective of the brand is always consistent. Powerfully so too.

The World Cup in Brazil however, was the chance for adidas football to really show what they are about. To tell the story, utilise their innovative products and appeal to the wide spectrum of spectator.

You may remember the enormous online presence adidas invested in when in Brazil. Creating their own TV channel throughout the tournament, ‘The Dugout’ was regular viewing for me – really top stuff.

Thanks to Soccerbible who brought this one to our attention, we couldn’t help but share it too – YouTube have mapped the journey with a behind the scenes look at what goes in to creating the content marketing masterpiece that was the World Cup by adidas.


Must watch!