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Photo 07-04-2015 14 26 56

Everyone has owned one of those knackered balls in the past. Torn up by the courts they were played on, there was usually very little left by the time you got a new one.

Equally, if you had the ball, you brought the rule. How many of us can remember the ‘not my ball mate’ follow up response when a fresh player wanted to join a game?

Naturally, there has been a technical product evolution in the world of football. Most brilliantly for us though, the relationship between football and design has been flourishing.

The stunning ‘Neo Pro’ from Umbro is testament to this.

Photo 07-04-2015 14 27 10

Photo 07-04-2015 14 27 31

Made up of various panels it takes the striking pink double diamond and puts it in the prime space of cool.

Photo 07-04-2015 14 27 39

Eye catching whether static or spinning, this ball is beautiful from whatever angle you look at it.

Photo 07-04-2015 14 29 30

Photo 07-04-2015 14 30 20

Putting design along side performance, its aesthetics are as impressive. On the pitch, on court or in your studio – it is football appreciated.

In the words of the brand:

A unique 14-panel design offers a clean strike zone and true, natural flight, with the Hexadimple outer casing designed in conjunction with Teijin offers superb elasticity and a softer touch.

Photo 07-04-2015 14 30 30

Often the last element to be looked at, it is the heart of the game – we can look at a thousand different boots but this is the thing we’re all trying to get in the back of the net. It is the game.

Photo 07-04-2015 14 32 35

Photo 07-04-2015 14 33 05

Photo 07-04-2015 14 34 48

Umbro have smashed this – it’s an exciting time for the brand and this ball is symbolic of that. You can find out more and get your hands on one here.

The Umbro Velocita is a stunning boot. An evolution as well as a revolution in many ways for the double diamonds of umbro.

The introduction of this White/Nasturtium/Orange Pop colourway is a beautiful addition to the Velocita family.

umbro velocita

You can see more beautiful umbro boots, snapped by the good folks at Soccerbible, here.


In featuring the work of Everton and their brilliant We Are Chosen campaign recently, it was a bit of a treat to find the collaborative work between Only A Northern Soul and Everton in support of a couple of fixtures not long gone.

The first of two we’ve chosen to fixture comes from the Everton v Krasnodar Europa League game in December.

James Blakeborough of Only A Northern Soul helped describe how the creative came about:

Only a northern soul everton 12elfth man 1

Only a northern soul everton 12elfth man 2

The idea initially came from the fact that Everton ahd qualified for the next round ahead of schedule and wanted to thank fans by lower prices for the last game. So I dug out plenty of shots the team clapping after the game to use obviously, it was a russian team so, constructivism was on the cards, but red was a no no, hence the colours and I added a bit of depth with the drop shadows, to literally lift things a bit.

Although The Toffees may have got knocked out of the FA Cup by West Ham, the supporting creative provided a tasty source of inspiration.

Only a northern soul everton 12elfth man 3

Only a northern soul everton 12elfth man 4

James goes on to say:

I decided to reflect upon Evertons past glories in the cup, using photos that perhaps hadn’t been seen by too many. the game info and call to action were held in the silhouette of the cup which sits subtly within the artwork (everton in the cup! get it). Since 1886 is a reference to Everton’s first ever cup campaign. Unfortunately the team bowed out after only two matches (1 tie plus replay). Going out by the smallest of margins 9-8 on penalties to West Ham after
one hell of a game in the replay at Upton Park.

Absolutely top stuff. You can see more work from Only A Northern Soul here – looking forward to seeing more great work come out of Everton HQ – the We Are Chosen campaign, Umbros ‘Fabric of Everton’ Kit launch – there’s a lot of good coming out of the North West. As ever, a hub for creativity.


Everton we are chosen header

At the tail end of last week, we featured the 15/16 season ticket campaign by Wolverhampton Wanderers – I mentioned how this time of year is always quite an awesome one for new products / releases and general creativity in and around the game. There’s a lot of planning done for the future and this is the time a lot comes to the fore.

So, up next is Everton and their 15/16 season ticket campaign. They haven’t dissapointed – far from it – they’ve smashed it. ‘We Are Chosen’ unites fans, players and staff in their support for the club they love. It’s an aspirational piece shot in fine fashion, the delivery is brilliant.

Here’s the video that is at the heart of the campaign.


Adding another dimension to the campaign, there’s also some great behind the scenes footage and photography.

Everton we are chosen 1

Everton we are chosen 2

Everton we are chosen 4

Here’s the first behind the scenes video:


And here’s the second:


Everton we are chosen 5

The club have created a bespoke landing page for the campaign with additional photography, prices and all the FAQs // See it here. They’re also inviting fans to send in their Everton tattoos – you can see a full gallery of tats here.

Everton we are chosen 3

Very cool and a lot of time for this.

What are your club doing? Shout if you see anything that should be shared! @12elfthman

A short and sweet, but big move this one as Umbro look to put the heart and soul into PSV Eindhoven.

umbro psv football design new kit 12elfth man

Announcing a deal that will last for 5 years, kicking off at the start of the 15/16 season, Umbro have brought the current Dutch leaders and 21-times Eredivisie champions onto their list of teams they will be threading.

A rich history and another team that has won countless competitions, Umbro are choosing wisely, collaborating with teams that like the taste of winning. A smart strategy met with heart and soul.

Looking forward to seeing the kits!

See more info about umbro x PSV here.

Umbro has been packing football’s creative space with a heap of beautiful new kits. This however might just take the biscuit. Smart and simple but striking all the same. Massive fan of the freshly launched Deportivo Cali kit.

deportivo cali new kit umbro 12elfth man

Another treat from the brand that seems to have utter domination in South America at the moment.

In stumbling across this one, it led me to take a look at Deportivo Cali’s quite incredible stadium. Pretty different to what you see normally, no doubt this produces one hell of an atmosphere.

deportivo cali stadium 12elfth man umbro new kit

deportivo cali stadium 12elfth man umbro new kit 2

deportivo cali stadium 12elfth man umbro new kit 3


In rather beautiful fashion, let us introduce you to the latest collection from the Cruyff Classics brand. Having designed his own shirt for the Netherlands’ national team in 1974, Cruyff has regularly turned his hand to the world of football fashion.

Johan Cruyff played for FC Barcelona from 1973-1978 – he dazzled any sceptics, becoming a hero on and off the field. ‘El Flaco’ is a legend amongst the Barcelona faithful.

Cruyff helped Barça win La Liga for the first time since 1960, by defeating ultimate rival Real Madrid 5–0 at their home of Bernabéu. Thousands of fans celebrated in the streets and the NY Times printed that Cruyff had done more for the spirit of the Catalan people in 90 minutes than many politicians in years.


He is a true stylist and it is this point in history that has inspired this latest range from his brand – ‘Barce de Cruyff’ features a range of shoes, all of champion quality, living by the mantra of always being ‘one ahead’.




Vicenzo X-Lite_black_1000x1000

Vicenzo X-Lite_blue_1000x1000

Vicenzo X-Lite_pack_1000x1000

Delicious branding, these are the epitome of the legend that is Cruyff. Not just a name but a legacy, a king of cool and a hero to all in the football world.

You can see more about the Barca de Cruyff collection here.