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Teaming up with top photographers from favourites of ours, SM2 Studio, Birmingham City have unveiled their 2015/16 season ticket campaign in fine fashion.

With a high standard throughout, this imagery helps showcase the message – bringing together the city, the club and the fans. The presentation is delivered with fine taste, incorporating land marks of Birmingham into the players. Top photography and great composition, this is an all round, smart campaign with design work being done by Birmingham City.

city by name 1

city by name 2

city by name 3

city by name 4

city by name 5

Along with that this video helps shine that message through further that was created with the help of Mike Raven.


Beautifully done, you can find out more about the campaign here. You can also see more brilliant work from SM2 Studio, here.


It’s a sure fire sign that clubs are going further. Investing in creativity more and more. The latest season ticket campaign we spotted comes from Sunderland who acknowledge the fight that goes into supporting your team.

This video is what the club are using to help promote the campaign.


Igniting the passion the game brings, the campaign encourages fans to join the #RedAndWhiteArmy and has a consistent feel throughout.




The club enlisted two players on the frontline of the game, Jack Rodwell and Will Buckley to help pain this wall outside the stadium of light as they froze season ticket prices for the 2015/16 season.




Good to see the artistic elements being embraced!

You can see more information about the 2015/16 season ticket plans for Sunderland here.

We stumbled across this rather nice work by London based agency Clinic as they helped put together the season ticket art work to support the sales of Southampton FC 14/15 season tickets.

home and heart southampton clinic 12elfth man

In their words:

Focusing on a creative concept called ‘Home & Heart’, we launched an emotive campaign designed to communicate how fan support has been essential to the progress made by Saints – inspiring them to keep making that difference by buying tickets for games in the coming season.

home and heart southampton clinic 12elfth man 2

home and heart southampton clinic 12elfth man 3

As part of the campaign, we ran a competition in which fans sent in their own Saints stories – the best of which were published in an exclusive photographic book to form the focal point of 2014/15’s Season Ticket packs. By creating an emotional connection, we were able to turn this marketing campaign into an opportunity to show the fans how important they are to the club they love.

home and heart southampton clinic 12elfth man 4

It’s all rather beautiful. Big fans. See more about clinic here.