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Thanks goes out to one like-minded gent and appreciator of the creative side of the game – Eric Beard for introducing Kendall and myself.

Kendall is a designer based out in the US who was fortunate enough to work with Nike, producing a series of Newspaper headline inspired prints that were used as part of the back drop for a Nike product shoot.

nike neymar print 1

nike neymar print 2

Showcasing the limited edition Neymar JR Golden Hypervenom that he wore in the latter stages of the World Cup, each print uses elements of the Brazilian national team – charting the career path that Neymar has been on.

nike neymar print 3

nike neymar print 4

nike neymar print 5

nike neymar print 6

Beautifully done, I’ve got so much time for these. If the boots were not beautiful enough, then the associating art work tips it to another level. See more of Kendall’s work here.

Iconic to the game, they are that final part of the puzzle that touches the ball that goes in the back of the next of world cup finals. They cover every spectrum of the colourwheel and are engineered with intricate and micro-scoping detail.

I’m of course, talking about football boots.


There are very few more heroic then that of the Copa Mundial. At the end of the day, when all boots are stripped back they are THE boot that warms the heart of every boot lover out there. Everyone I know has wanted a pair at some point in their lives. They stand for the love of the game. Simple on the surface but beautiful on the foot.


On and off the pitch they look incredible – often a sign of the player that bleeds football they have and will continue to stand the test of time. They come packaged beautifully with the three stripes printed in SPOT UV across the box. Simply perfection.


At the start of the season, adidas released their Black/White collection – this included the most recent in the Predator family, the F50, 11pro and most poignantly the Copa Mundial.


Whiteout boots have been seen throughout the football world, many players taking it upon themselves in making the modification to take the additional colour away from the boots. With this release however, it meant adidas could re-create a hero.



The boots are clean in every sense. The only hint of colour is the gold type. Of course it would be gold. These are boots of kings. There’s no questioning a boot of this type. They have remained the same for over 30 years so comfort doesn’t even come into it. They are a glove. The leather, soft as it comes, creating these in a whiteout format was a masterstroke.


In short, I am in love with these boots and I don’t know what could tear us apart. As a fan of all things minimal, these are genuinely a piece of art.

You can get hold of these limited edition boots from adidas here. You will never regret a purchase like this.

Dazzling on the pitch. A diamond player with unique talents enviable of many.

Introducing the Hypervenom Liquid Diamond.


Football is important to Neymar Jr., so is family. His close relationship with his sister, Rafaella, is symbolized by a diamond tattoo on each of their arms. Just above Neymar Jr.’s tattoo is the word ‘sorella’ (sister), while Rafaella has ‘fratello’ (brother) above hers.

“The diamond tattoo I’ve got was done with my sister. We thought we’d get one done together because diamonds are rare and the feelings I have for my sister are rare, so we decided to pay homage to each other in that way,” said Neymar Jr. “A diamond is a gemstone that is simple but beautiful. It is also a rare jewel that stands out and that is what catches my attention and reminds me of my relationship with Rafa.”




Neymar Jr. stands out from the crowd, on and off the pitch. The challenge for Nike’s design team was to ensure his boots stood out as well. Neymar Jr. launched the original Hypervenom in Rio de Janiero in 2013. He followed it up with a gold edition of the Hypervenom the next summer. Now, as Neymar Jr. enters his eighth year as a Nike athlete, he will debut the Hypervenom Liquid Diamond.


Neymar Jr.’s affinity for diamonds helped inspire Nike’s design team to create the unique colorway. “We take inspiration from Neymar Jr.’s play and personality,” says Max Blau, VP Nike Football Footwear. “He attacks the defense with a style so fluid, it reminded us of water flowing between rocks. That’s when we started shifting our thoughts from incorporating a nod to diamonds, to creating a liquid diamond aesthetic for the entire upper.”




The NikeSkin upper of the Hypervenom provided a textured canvas, enhancing the dimension of the color. After experimenting with a variety of different shades, the Hypervenom Liquid Diamond began to emerge, with colorful accents as a nod to Neymar Jr.’s personality.

“I think they will stand out because of that bright and energetic feeling you get from these boots. I think they have captured my bold and cheerful nature.” – Neymar Jr.

Check out the unboxing:


The Hypervenom Liquid Diamond will be available for pre-sale via the Nike Football App Jan. 26 and will be on Jan. 28.


Dubbed as the ‘chosen weapon for box to box players’ this latest iteration of what is truly a stunning boot, the Nitrocharge has been unveiled by adidas.





Adding further protection for the players right in the thick of the action, protection pads and mesh have been upped to provide unrivalled stability. With that, a new energy-sling positioning has been used so the boots are stronger and more powerful than ever.




The photography and creative that have been presented with these boots, is ace as ever. Boot porn of the highest order and utter class.

The all-new adidas Nitrocharge 1.0 is available to buy at from Monday 1st December.

The history of football is so incredibly rich and colourful, there’s inspiration all over the place. Each club, supporter, player and pitch has hundreds of stories.

Photo 18-10-2014 20 28 54

Football boots, an iconic element of the game. Everyone remembers their first pair and cherishes their last whilst doing all they can to dazzle in their current.

Pro Direct Soccer and Pantofola d’Oro teamed up this weekend, giving the average Joe like myself, the chance to get an insight as to how such beautiful products come to life and get a taste of the tailored life.

Photo 18-10-2014 19 32 39

Photo 18-10-2014 19 58 15

Photo 18-10-2014 19 59 06

Photo 18-10-2014 20 26 25

Photo 18-10-2014 20 33 32

Nothing about this brand is off the peg. The design process, the development and the overall manufacture is very pure with a hands-on approach being used throughout.

Photo 18-10-2014 19 58 20

Held at the Pro Direct’s ‘LDN19’ mecka of footballing history, our feet were measured and traced out to which we then chose the boot cut, design and colourway along with the leather preferred. All of this was done by the family of experts that came over from Italy especially for this event.

Photo 18-10-2014 19 33 51

Quite remarkable really.

Worth remembering that legends in the form of Johan Cruyff, Jurgen Klinsmann and Roger Milla all wore these iconic boots. The fit, described as the ‘Golden Slipper’, is a dream.

Photo 18-10-2014 20 04 42

Photo 18-10-2014 20 06 01

Photo 18-10-2014 20 06 08

Photo 18-10-2014 20 33 59 (1)

The store was transformed with the digital walls and hands on touch points telling the story behind the brand. All photography and imagery used throughout is of the highest quality.

Photo 18-10-2014 19 56 19

Photo 18-10-2014 19 56 46

Photo 18-10-2014 19 59 56

Photo 18-10-2014 20 03 06

LDN19 in Carnaby Street really is worth a trip for football fans if you’re ever in the capital.

Photo 18-10-2014 20 04 31

A big thanks to both Pro Direct Soccer and Pantofola d’Oro for giving us the opportunity to share such an experience. Both brands, champions of creativity are hugely valued to the creative side of football.

Check out the collection of Pantofola d’Oro on sale at Pro Direct Soccer here. How smart are those World Cup 2014 boots?

When our boots arrive, we’ll proudly put them on show here.

In a bold splash of colour, we bring you, the beautifu, new adidas Crazylight pack.




Stunning aren’t they?

For the first time game-changing adidas Crazylight technology has been brought to the iconic adidas Predator boot.

Crazylight Predator 4

Crazylight Predator 7


To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Predator, the Predator Crazylight is one of the 14 special edition Predator Instinct boots that will be launched during 2014. The boot is part of a new Crazylight Pack, featuring new versions of the Predator, f50, 11pro and Nitrocharge.

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Predator, adidas has already released the Revenge Pack, a heritage set of three Predators based on the original designs of the 1994 Predator, the 1998 Accelerator and the 2002 Mania. With the Crazylight Pack, adidas is bringing ground-breaking lightweight technology to this legendary boot.


Crazylight technology launched in April 2014, with Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale wearing the Crazylight f50 during their successful UEFA Champions League campaign. adidas has dominated the football “lightweight” category since the introduction of the adidas adizero™ f50 in 2010, and that continues with the Crazylight Pack. The new Predator Crazylight weighs just 215g, with the f50,11pro and Nitrocharge boots weighing in at 140g, 180g and 225g, respectively.



The Predator Crazylight has been designed to combine the complete control of the Predator Instinct with the lightweight technology of the Crazylight range. The boot retains the lethal zone, control pad and pass pad technology of the Predator Instinct while introducing sprintframe technology, which drastically reduces weight while maintaining the trademark control of the Predator range.

Check ’em out – video form…








For the f50 and 11pro the adidas Innovation Team developed an innovative next-generation lightweight skin, drastically reducing the weight on the upper part of the boot while still guaranteeing high quality and performance.














The boots have been tested by the best footballers from across the globe, resulting in a design that will allow them to play faster and better than ever before. For the first time, this state-of-the-art technology has been rolled out across the entire adidas boot range.

The boot will be available to buy at from Wednesday 22nd October.

What a great way to celebrate a Champions League Week!

Pantofola d’Oro is a majestic brand. The epitome of class. Quite literally Pantofola d’Oro translated means ‘Golden Slipper’.




The brand, in its current, footballing form was created by Emidio Lazzarini, the name being coined by Juventus legend John Charles when he commented …”This isn’t a boot, it’s a slipper, a golden slipper”.

In a celebration of such heritage and craftmanship, Pro Direct Soccer, proud advocates of Pantofola d’Oro are holding a day long event at their LDN19 concept store (19 Fouberts Place, Carnaby, London) on Saturday 18th October.


It’s a one of a kind event, one for the biggest fans of football culture.

Here’s an interview with Kim Williams, Pantofola d’Oro Chief.

Last year, Pro Direct Soccer visited the Pantofola d’Oro workshop – beautiful isn’t it.

Hand crafted, made to measure beauty. Football in it’s purest form.













You can get your hands on a slice of this stunning brand here.