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Teaming up with top photographers from favourites of ours, SM2 Studio, Birmingham City have unveiled their 2015/16 season ticket campaign in fine fashion.

With a high standard throughout, this imagery helps showcase the message – bringing together the city, the club and the fans. The presentation is delivered with fine taste, incorporating land marks of Birmingham into the players. Top photography and great composition, this is an all round, smart campaign with design work being done by Birmingham City.

city by name 1

city by name 2

city by name 3

city by name 4

city by name 5

Along with that this video helps shine that message through further that was created with the help of Mike Raven.


Beautifully done, you can find out more about the campaign here. You can also see more brilliant work from SM2 Studio, here.

In brilliantly creative fashion, Aston Villa will be unveiling their new 2014/15 home kit on Monday (2nd June).

aston villa 2014 15 kit design 12elfth man 12th man 1

Produced by Macron, the new claret and blue design has been embraced by a ‘Villains Assemble’ campaign – taking comic book inspiration the art work has been created by Birmingham-based illustrator Steve Baker aka Stevie Copter aka Newtasty, who has also worked with Marvel, Virgin, Disney and Nokia. He’s a seriously talented chap!

More information on the kit launch can be found on the AVFC official site.

The kit will be available to pre-order from then and will go on sale the on Father’s day weekend of 14th June where Villa are getting involved in festival season – teaming up with Counteract Magazine to put on their Kit Launch Festival.

aston villa 2014 15 kit design 12elfth man 12th man launch festival 1

What a perfect way for Villa fans to spend Father’s day!

Full information on the festival can be found here.