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Everyone has owned one of those knackered balls in the past. Torn up by the courts they were played on, there was usually very little left by the time you got a new one.

Equally, if you had the ball, you brought the rule. How many of us can remember the ‘not my ball mate’ follow up response when a fresh player wanted to join a game?

Naturally, there has been a technical product evolution in the world of football. Most brilliantly for us though, the relationship between football and design has been flourishing.

The stunning ‘Neo Pro’ from Umbro is testament to this.

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Photo 07-04-2015 14 27 31

Made up of various panels it takes the striking pink double diamond and puts it in the prime space of cool.

Photo 07-04-2015 14 27 39

Eye catching whether static or spinning, this ball is beautiful from whatever angle you look at it.

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Photo 07-04-2015 14 30 20

Putting design along side performance, its aesthetics are as impressive. On the pitch, on court or in your studio – it is football appreciated.

In the words of the brand:

A unique 14-panel design offers a clean strike zone and true, natural flight, with the Hexadimple outer casing designed in conjunction with Teijin offers superb elasticity and a softer touch.

Photo 07-04-2015 14 30 30

Often the last element to be looked at, it is the heart of the game – we can look at a thousand different boots but this is the thing we’re all trying to get in the back of the net. It is the game.

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Umbro have smashed this – it’s an exciting time for the brand and this ball is symbolic of that. You can find out more and get your hands on one here.

The Umbro Velocita is a stunning boot. An evolution as well as a revolution in many ways for the double diamonds of umbro.

The introduction of this White/Nasturtium/Orange Pop colourway is a beautiful addition to the Velocita family.

umbro velocita

You can see more beautiful umbro boots, snapped by the good folks at Soccerbible, here.


Everton we are chosen header

At the tail end of last week, we featured the 15/16 season ticket campaign by Wolverhampton Wanderers – I mentioned how this time of year is always quite an awesome one for new products / releases and general creativity in and around the game. There’s a lot of planning done for the future and this is the time a lot comes to the fore.

So, up next is Everton and their 15/16 season ticket campaign. They haven’t dissapointed – far from it – they’ve smashed it. ‘We Are Chosen’ unites fans, players and staff in their support for the club they love. It’s an aspirational piece shot in fine fashion, the delivery is brilliant.

Here’s the video that is at the heart of the campaign.


Adding another dimension to the campaign, there’s also some great behind the scenes footage and photography.

Everton we are chosen 1

Everton we are chosen 2

Everton we are chosen 4

Here’s the first behind the scenes video:


And here’s the second:


Everton we are chosen 5

The club have created a bespoke landing page for the campaign with additional photography, prices and all the FAQs // See it here. They’re also inviting fans to send in their Everton tattoos – you can see a full gallery of tats here.

Everton we are chosen 3

Very cool and a lot of time for this.

What are your club doing? Shout if you see anything that should be shared! @12elfthman

Umbro has been packing football’s creative space with a heap of beautiful new kits. This however might just take the biscuit. Smart and simple but striking all the same. Massive fan of the freshly launched Deportivo Cali kit.

deportivo cali new kit umbro 12elfth man

Another treat from the brand that seems to have utter domination in South America at the moment.

In stumbling across this one, it led me to take a look at Deportivo Cali’s quite incredible stadium. Pretty different to what you see normally, no doubt this produces one hell of an atmosphere.

deportivo cali stadium 12elfth man umbro new kit

deportivo cali stadium 12elfth man umbro new kit 2

deportivo cali stadium 12elfth man umbro new kit 3


Umbro have well and truly taken 2015 by the balls. Very much on a global fashion, teaming up with teams that have enjoyed recent successes has led to a number of great kits and products.

This time it’s JEC – Joinville Esporte Clube who were recently promoted to the Brazilian top flight.

Joinville Esporte Clube umbro kit 3

Launched at a special event with umbro, the two forces have partnered up creating another couple of gems for kit collectors the world over.

Joinville Esporte Clube umbro kit 2

Both home and away kits, delivered beautifully with great photography, it does the talking of a well dressed team.

Joinville Esporte Clube umbro kit 7

Joinville Esporte Clube umbro kit 8

Joinville Esporte Clube umbro kit 9

Joinville Esporte Clube umbro kit 10

Joinville Esporte Clube umbro kit 11

Joinville Esporte Clube umbro kit 12

Joinville Esporte Clube umbro kit 13

You can find out more about Joinville Esporte Clube here.

The last few months has seen a genuine resurgence of one of the greatest brands in the football world. Umbro have well and truly come back on the scene with a range of beautiful products but now they might just have taken it to the next level. Developing on football innovation, most recently, the UX-1 has been one of the most engineered boots on the market but now the brand, rooted in Manchester has brought speed to the party.

Introducing the Velocita.


In their words:

Running in football rarely involves straight lines, especially when you’re trying to avoid the advances of the opposition’s hard man.
If twisting and turning your way out of trouble is part of the way you play, the new Umbro Velocita could be the boot to bring some glory to your game.

It weighs in at just 165 grams, making the Umbro Velocita is one of the lightest football boots in the world.


Launching the boots alongside this video – it’s all about the #GloryForAll


Having gone through rigorous development and testing programme at leading sports university Loughborough, the Velocita has been specifically engineered to offer a level of comfort for 90 minutes and beyond.

Every element of the boot has been laboured over, down to the laces which have been flattened akin to runner’s spikes.
The outsole is built for ‘fast’ speed in all directions, improving agility by mimicking natural foot motion and traction with a unique Umbro stud configuration.



Despite being one of the lightest boots on the market, comfort has not been made a casualty.
Internal padding around the Achilles area offers a snug fit and protection and the external heel counter is made of tough yet flexible Pebax® material.



Additional features and benefits of the Velocita include:

• A super lightweight microfibre upper is pimpled like a golf ball for aero-dynamicity

• Heat-welded ‘A-Frame’ cradle to stabilise and support the foot

• The upper is also heat welded to reduce stitching and improved feel of the ball, acting like a second skin.

• A unique outsole configuration improves rotation when moving away from opponents.

• Single piece outsole means less glue, less layers and less weight.

• The hot melt and mesh construction on the tongue provides optimum fit and ventilation along with the opportunity for individual adjustment.




The Umbro Velocita launches in a striking Nimbus Cloud / Dark Shadow / High Rise / Pink Glo colourway and is available in HG and SG versions.

Pro Direct Soccer has an exclusive Black / Pink Glo and Blue Atoll colourway which should be on sale shortly… watch this space.

A beautiful pair of boots, engineered and designed to perfection. Dreamy.

umrbo launch sante fe 2015 kit 1

We’ve seen umbro align themselves with champions from all over the globe in recent weeks’ – naturally, for a brand that prides themselves on being truly dedicated to football – it makes sense for them to produce kits for winning teams.

Santa Fe FC are the latest team to be kitted out in a specially designed number that tickles the taste buds.

umrbo launch santa fe 2015 kit 2

umrbo launch santa fe 2015 kit 3

umrbo launch santa fe 2015 kit 4

umrbo launch santa fe 2015 kit 5

umrbo launch santa fe 2015 kit 6

Launched at a special event recently, it’s another stand out, smart looking kit. Fit for champions, there is some almighty work coming out of umbro HQ.

umrbo launch sante fe 2015 kit 1_2

Find out more about Santa Fe FC here.