In the latest episode of Gamedayplus from adidas, Mesut Özil explains his Champions League ambitions while Suarez, Müller, Marcelo, Costa, Coentrao and Gerrard talk about the pressure of penalty kicks.



On top of that, god-like genius himself Leo Messi talks about the new F50 Pide de Barr10 boots, their design inspiration and how they came about. You can see more about those beauts here.



It’s another fine instalment, a glimpse behind the scenes in the world of adidas football – You can watch it here:



Looking at the numbers, the career of Leo Messie is quite frankly, remarkable. The statistics don’t lie with 2015 turning out to be another record breaker.

Angle_03_Full Boot_2x1

belonged to Leo Messi. No player in any major league has scored more goals than the Argentinian. Leo has been directly involved in 22 La Liga goals this year; no other TEAM has scored more than 21. His most recent hat-trick made him the all-time leader in La Liga hat-tricks, at just 27. Now, adidas has unveiled the new boots that will be worn by arguably the world’s best player. The new Pibe de Barr10, inspired by the Barrio of Las Heras, Rosario, where Messi learnt his craft.

Key Visual_2x1

Las Heras was where Leo Messi first began his journey. The streets and pitches of the Barrio are where he first shaped his game. The new Pibe de Barr10 were designed in collaboration with Rosario-born graphic artist Ignacio Valenti in a style that pays tribute to Messi’s childhood. Fusing urban-inspired raw brush strokes with polished sleekness on the synthetic hybrid touch upper, the Pibe de Barr10 embodies Leo Messi’s footballing style; beautiful, yet dangerous. It’s a special boot – certainly one for the appreciator.

Speaking about his new signature boots, Leo Messi said: “I did leave Rosario when I was young, but I still have my people, my neighborhood, and my favorite spots. Pibe de Barr10 have a lot to do with my life, my childhood and a lot to do with me.”

The boot has been created as part of the #therewillbehaters series that celebrates the “hate” at the heart of football. There were some that never believed Leo Messi would leave Rosario, but he has gone on to break records and win trophies. You don’t get to be the best in the world by listening to the doubters. Messi wears the Pibe de Barr10 and there’s nothing the haters can do to stop him.


The Pibe de Barr10 contain the latest product innovations demanded by the best in the world. The speed traxion stud alignment and outsole are modeled on sprinters’ spikes, to provide the speed and agility to dominate on the pitch. 360˚ DRIBBLETEX coating provides for unprecedented control. In wet or dry conditions, the ball will stick like glue.

Max Gassner, Product Manager at adidas said: “The lines on the shoe are based on an idea from a local artist from Rosario, where Leo Messi is from. This shoe is for the biggest player in the world, for the ultimate stage. If you want to get the best boot, for the biggest stage, for the best player, this is the one.”

Leo Messi will wear the new Pibe de Barr10 from Wednesday 18th March, with the boots available to purchase the following day. You can get more info at

A ferocious boot, built for the elite, with style. Big fan.

In the latest instalment of Gamedayplus, adidas have headed to kings of culture and team with, in my mind, the coolest socks in football – bringing us a Bayern Munich special.



In the episode Javi Martinez opens the door to his house for a boys’ night with Juan Bernant and Pepe Reina. There’s also a catch up with Guardiola to discuss what it takes to become a professional footballer. Plus, David Alaba to talk about haters and finally, Thomas Müller is behind the scenes at an adidas photoshoot.



It’s another great episode and well worth a watch. For us, stadium lovers and appreciators of all things design, the tour around the magnificent Allianz Arena and the chat with the team behind the awe-dropping adiZero F50 Tattoo Pack are up there with the best of ’em!


Watch it here:


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Embracing football culture in fine form, adidas has launched a dramatic limited edition re-design of the adizero f50 as part of the #ThereWillBeHaters collection: the new adizero f50 Tattoo Pack.



The design of the adizero f50 Tattoo Pack represents the creativity and self-expression that only the very best players are capable of.

The left and right boots feature separate motifs that bring to life the themes of “love” and “hate”. The right boot features a menacing black skull motif emphasising strength, power and hatred.

The left boot is designed with bright colours and diverse designs including a rose design that symbolise a player’s love of the game.



If you have “haters”, then it’s the ultimate compliment.

The best players know that a great performance delivers “hate” from fans and opponents, particularly on social media, which then continues to fuel the confidence to deliver even greater performances. They thrive off it – and they make no apology in doing so.




The new Tattoo Pack boot features all of the product innovations that make the adidas adizero f50 the ultimate weapon to maximise speed and manoeuvrability.

The 3D dribbletex layer on the upper optimises speed dribbling in all conditions while the grip texture, stud configuration and second level of traction on the forefoot base provide maximum manoeuvrability.




The limited edition adidas adizero f50 Tattoo Pack boots are available to purchase from Monday 9th March at adidas own-retail outlets as well as specialist retailers worldwide. For further information please visit

Looking right on cool, adidas have today released the ‘Black Pack’ – taking inspiration from the wave of blackout boots that have swept across the world of football, it see’s the next creations from the #ThereWillBeHaters campaign.BlackPack_Group_PR_8000x4000px_04

There will be new versions of each of its f50, Predator, Nitrocharge and 11Pro silos. A classic cut with a smasher of a design on each – these truly are fantastic additions to the ever growing collection of beautiful boots that have already been released in 2015.





The beauty is all in the detail and this pack has held no punches – a tremendous variation on the silos in circulation.













Each of the four silos has been given a dramatic re-design, while retaining the latest technological innovations of the #ThereWillBeHaters boots.

Each silo features a unique re-designed upper based on specific medieval characteristics. The uncompromising new designs bring to life the classic look of the black-out series as well as the provocative tone of #ThereWillBeHaters.

Right on the money.

adidas have today announced that England and Arsenal forward, Theo Walcott has signed a long term deal with the brand. Walcott will become one of the leading faces of the brand globally and will wear the new adiZero F50 in his next game. An interesting choice but the opportunity for Theo Walcott is there, now is the time to take it.

theo walcott there will be haters

Walcott on the new deal: “I am excited to be joining adidas and lining up alongside some of the world’s best players. The adidas adiZero F50 is an exceptional boot and I am looking forward to wearing the boots and scoring goals in them.

Global Director of Sports Marketing, Gregory Fernandez comments on the deal:

“We are immensely proud to have signed Theo Walcott to become part of the growing adidas family which includes some of the best players in the world. Theo is an exceptional player who has achieved so much in his career to date and we look forward to being part of that next chapter with him as one of the faces of the adidas F50”.

there will be haters campaign boots photography design 3

Walcott will become part of the latest adidas campaign, #therewillbehaters which is themed around the “motivation of hate” and how sometimes that reaction can be the ultimate compliment from fans, the media and fellow players alike. Watch out for more to follow soon!

So as mentioned on Monday, the adidas Finale Berlin – the Official Match Ball for the knock-out stages and the Final of the most prestigious club competition in global football – is here.



With the UEFA Champions League having embarked on its most exciting stage, the ball is ready to become the centre of attention once again, and will shine throughout the pitches of Europe; from the knock-out stages, all the way to the Final.


Inspired by the cultured and design full hub that is Berlin, the ball carries many a nod to the City. The Brandenburg Gate set in front of the legendary Olympiastadion Berlin, sits proudly at the top of the ball. It is of course, the setting for this year´s ultimate UEFA Champions League Final, which will take place on Saturday 6th June.


The surrounding stars on the ball each have a bold and colourful design,including the other key Berliner symbol: the bear. The vibrant mix of colour is also typical of the the expressive, artistic and free spirited German capital city.

Taking a look, close up of the ball – it’s a bit of a game changer this one – letting the creativity spill onto the pitch in such a beautiful fashion – I’m a massive fan of the Finale Berlin.



Not hard to see why…


As with all UEFA Champions League Official Match Balls, the adidas Finale Berlin features an outer coating texture designed to provide optimal grip at the point of impact. The thermally bonded star panel design on the match ball, based on the design of the UEFA Champions League logo, provides a seamless surface and first-class performance.


The Finale Berlin is also be showcased in this week´s Gamedayplus episode, the 7th of the series, which will include an exclusive stadium tour at Chelsea with none other than star defender Gary Cahill. The instalment will also give a special behind the scenes look at the shooting of adidas most recent ´There will be Haters´ campaign advert, featuring Leo Messi, James Rodriguez, Luis Suarez, Gareth Bale, Benzema. Unique access all round.



To cap it off adidas had a chat with FC Basel´s Fabian Frei who teed-up the knock-out clash with FC Porto.

Watch the latest episode here:


Well worth a watch.

You can get your hands on the ball here