AKQA x NIVEA MEN – A 5-a-side-of-legends.

Regularly one to appreciate a good campaign and the delivery of the creative, one jumped out at me as championing its creative elements most recently and it’d be plain wrong not to share it.



AKQA – an agency of serious clout. You don’t have to look hard to find a piece of brilliant work that has origins of this innovative company.

Equally, NIVEA MEN has had a close relationship to the football community. Liverpool’s official grooming partner after all.

These heavyweight brands teamed up recently, bringing together a group of players from the proud history of Liverpool; John Barnes, Ian Rush, Jason McAteer, Michael Thomas and David Fairclough to form a Liverpool FC Legends team, led by manager Roy Evans.





And so AKQA and NIVEA MEN have kicked off a search for a 5-a-side team worthy of going the distance with these legends.

The winning team get an all-expenses paid trip to Liverpool to meet the legends and receive training tips before playing a five-a-side match against their heroes.

So that’s the background – You can get involved here.



The stand out of the campaign has to be the illustration – it’s utterly beautiful. A perfect way to blend the product, players and the overall campaign. A fine art delivery and precise execution.


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