Mizuno Morelia – 30 Years – an iconic celebration at Pro Direct’s LDN19

Football has a unique trait in that it only takes one word to jog a million memories. Football boots, for so many reasons manage to strike that chord so sweetly. Every football lover remembers their first pair along with all those beautiful moments – watching, playing and supporting.

The word iconic is to be used sparingly, to be saved for moments of brilliance – that stay in the mind, carrying a legacy.

There’s no arguing about the Morelia from Mizuno – it has stood the test of time, going through tweaks rather than overhauls. For 30 years, this boot has graced the world’s biggest stage and it has done so, in a strong and unique fashion.

Photo 26-02-2015 20 06 27

Last week, the fantastic LDN19, Pro Direct’s mecca of football was host to a night that marked this momentous occasion – showcasing the Morelia and its story.

Photo 26-02-2015 20 29 16

The main attraction – Pro Direct Soccer have teamed up with Mizuno to release a limited edition collectors pack – all three boots from the Morelia journey.

Photo 26-02-2015 20 29 30

Photo 26-02-2015 20 25 01

Photo 26-02-2015 20 23 23

LDN19, if you’ve not been before, is a feast of football innovation – arguably the future of the retail environment it sees Pro Direct take their digital roots and meet brick and mortar in the middle.

Photo 26-02-2015 20 18 23

Interactive screens mean the customer or visitor can learn about products – in the case the history of the Morelia – all with beautiful photography and fine delivery of course.

Photo 26-02-2015 20 18 16

Photo 26-02-2015 20 18 09

Same goes for the walls – it’s like takinh the time to frame your favourite prints, put them up on the wall and then have the ability to change them on the fly. A dream!

Photo 26-02-2015 20 22 56

Photo 26-02-2015 20 15 01

This also gave Mizuno the chance to bring their story to the fore – Some truly memorable footballing moments have happened while in the presence of a Mizuno boot. It’s not until you get up close to their boots until the memories come back and you realise just how stunning they are.

Photo 26-02-2015 20 25 56

Photo 26-02-2015 20 25 51

These are truly one of the most incredible boots, ever. If we don’t see these return in some form, it would be a travesty.

Photo 26-02-2015 20 26 10

Photo 26-02-2015 20 26 03

Photo 26-02-2015 20 11 03

Photo 26-02-2015 20 10 37

And as well as a glance back at the past, it gave us a chance to see where the brand is now and boots that are being championed today. Again, a range of models were on display and again, it wasn’t until up close and personal until you realise the engineering and craftsmanship that has gone into these boots – utterly awesome.

Photo 26-02-2015 20 26 40

Photo 26-02-2015 20 10 29

Photo 26-02-2015 20 26 30

Photo 26-02-2015 20 14 55

Truly one for the lovers of design and football, Mizuno clearly has a lot in it’s locker. This anniversary gave cause to shout about a product that has lasted, emphatically but moreover, it ignites those flames – I cannot wait to see what comes next.

Photo 26-02-2015 20 16 44

Photo 26-02-2015 20 11 19

Photo 26-02-2015 20 11 14

A great evening and I hope these pictures go someway to help present, what is a fantastic collection. A big thanks to Pro Direct Soccer and their LDN19 team for having us along with Mizuno.

You can see the whole range of Mizuno Morelia boots on sale here.

The limited edition Morelia box set is available here along with heaps more information about the 30 year anniversary.

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