Only A Northern Soul x Everton – a little look back.

In featuring the work of Everton and their brilliant We Are Chosen campaign recently, it was a bit of a treat to find the collaborative work between Only A Northern Soul and Everton in support of a couple of fixtures not long gone.

The first of two we’ve chosen to fixture comes from the Everton v Krasnodar Europa League game in December.

James Blakeborough of Only A Northern Soul helped describe how the creative came about:

Only a northern soul everton 12elfth man 1

Only a northern soul everton 12elfth man 2

The idea initially came from the fact that Everton ahd qualified for the next round ahead of schedule and wanted to thank fans by lower prices for the last game. So I dug out plenty of shots the team clapping after the game to use obviously, it was a russian team so, constructivism was on the cards, but red was a no no, hence the colours and I added a bit of depth with the drop shadows, to literally lift things a bit.

Although The Toffees may have got knocked out of the FA Cup by West Ham, the supporting creative provided a tasty source of inspiration.

Only a northern soul everton 12elfth man 3

Only a northern soul everton 12elfth man 4

James goes on to say:

I decided to reflect upon Evertons past glories in the cup, using photos that perhaps hadn’t been seen by too many. the game info and call to action were held in the silhouette of the cup which sits subtly within the artwork (everton in the cup! get it). Since 1886 is a reference to Everton’s first ever cup campaign. Unfortunately the team bowed out after only two matches (1 tie plus replay). Going out by the smallest of margins 9-8 on penalties to West Ham after
one hell of a game in the replay at Upton Park.

Absolutely top stuff. You can see more work from Only A Northern Soul here – looking forward to seeing more great work come out of Everton HQ – the We Are Chosen campaign, Umbros ‘Fabric of Everton’ Kit launch – there’s a lot of good coming out of the North West. As ever, a hub for creativity.


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