The ferociously brilliant type of Alexis Taib (Tyrsa)

Typography is an art like no other. It’s the backbone of most creative – just as important as layout, photography, illustration etc it is something most definitely to be celebrated.

In the football world, it’s a way of showing the mood and passion of a creative – it captures mood like nothing else.

Today, we’re celebrating the utterly heroic type by French wizard, Alexis Taib (Tyrsa).

Alexis Tyrsa type france 1

His portfolio is certainly one to gawp over. How his type has been applied to many a medium is simply brilliant.

Alexis Tyrsa type france 2

Alexis Tyrsa type france 3

Alexis Tyrsa type france 4

Nike have used it in creative pieces supporting Nike FC as have the French Football Federation. It’s incredibly transferable and a epitome of class at that.

Alexis Tyrsa nike fc 1

Alexis Tyrsa nike fc 2

Alexis Tyrsa nike fc 3

Alexis Tyrsa nike fc 4

A true master of his craft, I’m a massive fan of his work. Please check out his portfolio.


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