Copa Mundial – Whiteout Edition // Perfecting perfection from adidas.

Iconic to the game, they are that final part of the puzzle that touches the ball that goes in the back of the next of world cup finals. They cover every spectrum of the colourwheel and are engineered with intricate and micro-scoping detail.

I’m of course, talking about football boots.


There are very few more heroic then that of the Copa Mundial. At the end of the day, when all boots are stripped back they are THE boot that warms the heart of every boot lover out there. Everyone I know has wanted a pair at some point in their lives. They stand for the love of the game. Simple on the surface but beautiful on the foot.


On and off the pitch they look incredible – often a sign of the player that bleeds football they have and will continue to stand the test of time. They come packaged beautifully with the three stripes printed in SPOT UV across the box. Simply perfection.


At the start of the season, adidas released their Black/White collection – this included the most recent in the Predator family, the F50, 11pro and most poignantly the Copa Mundial.


Whiteout boots have been seen throughout the football world, many players taking it upon themselves in making the modification to take the additional colour away from the boots. With this release however, it meant adidas could re-create a hero.



The boots are clean in every sense. The only hint of colour is the gold type. Of course it would be gold. These are boots of kings. There’s no questioning a boot of this type. They have remained the same for over 30 years so comfort doesn’t even come into it. They are a glove. The leather, soft as it comes, creating these in a whiteout format was a masterstroke.


In short, I am in love with these boots and I don’t know what could tear us apart. As a fan of all things minimal, these are genuinely a piece of art.

You can get hold of these limited edition boots from adidas here. You will never regret a purchase like this.

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