Barca de Cruyff x Cruyff Classics

In rather beautiful fashion, let us introduce you to the latest collection from the Cruyff Classics brand. Having designed his own shirt for the Netherlands’ national team in 1974, Cruyff has regularly turned his hand to the world of football fashion.

Johan Cruyff played for FC Barcelona from 1973-1978 – he dazzled any sceptics, becoming a hero on and off the field. ‘El Flaco’ is a legend amongst the Barcelona faithful.

Cruyff helped Barça win La Liga for the first time since 1960, by defeating ultimate rival Real Madrid 5–0 at their home of Bernabéu. Thousands of fans celebrated in the streets and the NY Times printed that Cruyff had done more for the spirit of the Catalan people in 90 minutes than many politicians in years.


He is a true stylist and it is this point in history that has inspired this latest range from his brand – ‘Barce de Cruyff’ features a range of shoes, all of champion quality, living by the mantra of always being ‘one ahead’.




Vicenzo X-Lite_black_1000x1000

Vicenzo X-Lite_blue_1000x1000

Vicenzo X-Lite_pack_1000x1000

Delicious branding, these are the epitome of the legend that is Cruyff. Not just a name but a legacy, a king of cool and a hero to all in the football world.

You can see more about the Barca de Cruyff collection here.

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