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Nike is a brand dedicated to staying connected to its core. It’s consumers are fans as much they are players, coaches and supporters. Big on experiential thinking and do-ing, the brand has invested much time in creating events that showcase what it stands for.

Nike Ice Kings 1

You may remember all the work done at Phenomenal House in London. Which was exactly that. It gave 5-a-side teams a chance to put their ability out there on the small court and show their stuff. Same with the recent Boiler Room Fives. Another top mini tournament that was a perfect representation of the brand, it’s culture, it’s appreciation for all forms of artforms and above all – our beautiful game!

Nike Ice Kings 4

These kind of initiatives are happening all over the globe – even on Barges in Portland. For now however, it’s all about the good people of Russia as the brand launches ‘Nike Ice Kings’ – a tournament that focuses on the development of football on the streets of Moscow whilst focusing on fair play.

Nike Ice Kings 5

Delivered in beautiful fashion – it’s the art work that’s gone with it that captured our eye from the off. It’s beautiful.

Nike Ice Kings 2

Nike Ice Kings 3

Rizon Parein’s work whilst a collobration between creative genii AKQA and Nike – superb.

We’ll keep a look out for more info on the tournament but in the mean-time, you can visit Nike here.

Dazzling on the pitch. A diamond player with unique talents enviable of many.

Introducing the Hypervenom Liquid Diamond.


Football is important to Neymar Jr., so is family. His close relationship with his sister, Rafaella, is symbolized by a diamond tattoo on each of their arms. Just above Neymar Jr.’s tattoo is the word ‘sorella’ (sister), while Rafaella has ‘fratello’ (brother) above hers.

“The diamond tattoo I’ve got was done with my sister. We thought we’d get one done together because diamonds are rare and the feelings I have for my sister are rare, so we decided to pay homage to each other in that way,” said Neymar Jr. “A diamond is a gemstone that is simple but beautiful. It is also a rare jewel that stands out and that is what catches my attention and reminds me of my relationship with Rafa.”




Neymar Jr. stands out from the crowd, on and off the pitch. The challenge for Nike’s design team was to ensure his boots stood out as well. Neymar Jr. launched the original Hypervenom in Rio de Janiero in 2013. He followed it up with a gold edition of the Hypervenom the next summer. Now, as Neymar Jr. enters his eighth year as a Nike athlete, he will debut the Hypervenom Liquid Diamond.


Neymar Jr.’s affinity for diamonds helped inspire Nike’s design team to create the unique colorway. “We take inspiration from Neymar Jr.’s play and personality,” says Max Blau, VP Nike Football Footwear. “He attacks the defense with a style so fluid, it reminded us of water flowing between rocks. That’s when we started shifting our thoughts from incorporating a nod to diamonds, to creating a liquid diamond aesthetic for the entire upper.”




The NikeSkin upper of the Hypervenom provided a textured canvas, enhancing the dimension of the color. After experimenting with a variety of different shades, the Hypervenom Liquid Diamond began to emerge, with colorful accents as a nod to Neymar Jr.’s personality.

“I think they will stand out because of that bright and energetic feeling you get from these boots. I think they have captured my bold and cheerful nature.” – Neymar Jr.

Check out the unboxing:


The Hypervenom Liquid Diamond will be available for pre-sale via the Nike Football App Jan. 26 and will be on Jan. 28.

The last few months has seen a genuine resurgence of one of the greatest brands in the football world. Umbro have well and truly come back on the scene with a range of beautiful products but now they might just have taken it to the next level. Developing on football innovation, most recently, the UX-1 has been one of the most engineered boots on the market but now the brand, rooted in Manchester has brought speed to the party.

Introducing the Velocita.


In their words:

Running in football rarely involves straight lines, especially when you’re trying to avoid the advances of the opposition’s hard man.
If twisting and turning your way out of trouble is part of the way you play, the new Umbro Velocita could be the boot to bring some glory to your game.

It weighs in at just 165 grams, making the Umbro Velocita is one of the lightest football boots in the world.


Launching the boots alongside this video – it’s all about the #GloryForAll


Having gone through rigorous development and testing programme at leading sports university Loughborough, the Velocita has been specifically engineered to offer a level of comfort for 90 minutes and beyond.

Every element of the boot has been laboured over, down to the laces which have been flattened akin to runner’s spikes.
The outsole is built for ‘fast’ speed in all directions, improving agility by mimicking natural foot motion and traction with a unique Umbro stud configuration.



Despite being one of the lightest boots on the market, comfort has not been made a casualty.
Internal padding around the Achilles area offers a snug fit and protection and the external heel counter is made of tough yet flexible Pebax® material.



Additional features and benefits of the Velocita include:

• A super lightweight microfibre upper is pimpled like a golf ball for aero-dynamicity

• Heat-welded ‘A-Frame’ cradle to stabilise and support the foot

• The upper is also heat welded to reduce stitching and improved feel of the ball, acting like a second skin.

• A unique outsole configuration improves rotation when moving away from opponents.

• Single piece outsole means less glue, less layers and less weight.

• The hot melt and mesh construction on the tongue provides optimum fit and ventilation along with the opportunity for individual adjustment.




The Umbro Velocita launches in a striking Nimbus Cloud / Dark Shadow / High Rise / Pink Glo colourway and is available in HG and SG versions.

Pro Direct Soccer has an exclusive Black / Pink Glo and Blue Atoll colourway which should be on sale shortly… watch this space.

A beautiful pair of boots, engineered and designed to perfection. Dreamy.

If you’ve never heard of ’em SLY GUILD is a street wear brand created by three brothers in New Zealand.

With a clear live for the beautiful game, there’s a lot of football inspired pieces in their collection.

Most recently they have launched what can only be described as an effing brilliant collection if ‘home and away kits’ representing their brand.



These guys do things right. They’re fans, like us of the minimalist approach but clearly not short on creativity.






They have heaps of beautiful products on sale and have creating a bit of a beaut of a brand.



The home and away kits are dreamy. I’m a massive fan.

This is by no means a male only brand though. This is another fine football inspired piece.


So much time for these guys.

Check out the home and away kits plus loads more awesome-ness here.

The MLS and ASL is packed with loud, yet creative spirit. You don’t have to look very hard to find a club that takes great pride in its appearance. Design and inspiration are at the heart of many clubs’ brands.

why i love fc dallas 1

FC Dallas is one we’re highlighting as a prime example today. Led by Creative Director, Erik Davila – their image is spot on. That perfect blend of top contemporary creative with inspiring themes throughout.

why i love fc dallas 2

why i love fc dallas 3

why i love fc dallas 4

You can clearly see, it’s not just the imagery that stands out for FC Dallas though. All aspects are taken into consideration. Video, print, online – everything is tailored and on point, delivered with perfect photogtaphy. Looking beautiful.

why i love fc dallas 5

why i love fc dallas 6

why i love fc dallas 7

Being creative in football doesn’t stop at visuals, it’s about being clever with how you use those talents. A fine example of this is that fact that the club is giving season ticket holders the opportunity in being part of the type that appears on the back of shirts. A quite frankly, awesome initiative.

why i love fc dallas 8


With the excitement building for the 2015 MLS season, an FC Dallas shirt is one more in an every growing list of teams that is well worth following.


Big fan.

umrbo launch sante fe 2015 kit 1

We’ve seen umbro align themselves with champions from all over the globe in recent weeks’ – naturally, for a brand that prides themselves on being truly dedicated to football – it makes sense for them to produce kits for winning teams.

Santa Fe FC are the latest team to be kitted out in a specially designed number that tickles the taste buds.

umrbo launch santa fe 2015 kit 2

umrbo launch santa fe 2015 kit 3

umrbo launch santa fe 2015 kit 4

umrbo launch santa fe 2015 kit 5

umrbo launch santa fe 2015 kit 6

Launched at a special event recently, it’s another stand out, smart looking kit. Fit for champions, there is some almighty work coming out of umbro HQ.

umrbo launch sante fe 2015 kit 1_2

Find out more about Santa Fe FC here.

So Christmas is done, there’s a bite in the air – the perfect reason to start looking forward to those upcoming summery months. Promise, they’re on the horizon.

Copa Football 2015 2

Copa Football 2015 3

Giving us a slice of summer, Copa Football have released the first part in their Spring / Summer 2015 collection. The collection consists of more than 125 garms – purely inspired by football.

copa football 5

copa football 6

The introduction of some iconic shirts from the likes of St. Mirren and MMV, they’ve also brought in 5 new retro styles – adding to the COPA Classic line.

copa football 2

copa football 3

copa football 4

Copa football 2015

More designs are just around the bend so stay tuned.

copa football 1

You can find out more about COPA football here.