Nike to crown its football ‘Ice Kings’.

Nike is a brand dedicated to staying connected to its core. It’s consumers are fans as much they are players, coaches and supporters. Big on experiential thinking and do-ing, the brand has invested much time in creating events that showcase what it stands for.

Nike Ice Kings 1

You may remember all the work done at Phenomenal House in London. Which was exactly that. It gave 5-a-side teams a chance to put their ability out there on the small court and show their stuff. Same with the recent Boiler Room Fives. Another top mini tournament that was a perfect representation of the brand, it’s culture, it’s appreciation for all forms of artforms and above all – our beautiful game!

Nike Ice Kings 4

These kind of initiatives are happening all over the globe – even on Barges in Portland. For now however, it’s all about the good people of Russia as the brand launches ‘Nike Ice Kings’ – a tournament that focuses on the development of football on the streets of Moscow whilst focusing on fair play.

Nike Ice Kings 5

Delivered in beautiful fashion – it’s the art work that’s gone with it that captured our eye from the off. It’s beautiful.

Nike Ice Kings 2

Nike Ice Kings 3

Rizon Parein’s work whilst a collobration between creative genii AKQA and Nike – superb.

We’ll keep a look out for more info on the tournament but in the mean-time, you can visit Nike here.

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