Introducing the Nike Revolution Training Jacket – Fit for match speed movement.

When you read ‘Nike’s first step in design is to listen to the voice of the athlete’ you know you are on to a winner –this is how Nike Football embarked upon creating a revolutionary new football training jacket. Built for the elite athletes, this is seriously high spec.

FC Barcelona v FC Viktoria Plzen - UEFA Champions League

Arsenal Training Session

“We met with hundreds of footballers around the world and their preferences were clear: lightweight and designed for movement.” – Peter Hoppins, Nike Global Football Design Director.

The football training jacket has emerged as an essential piece of equipment for elite players who train year-round in all kinds of weather conditions. While football is often associated with lower body performance, the upper body is in constant motion as well, necessitating a jacket that moves with it.




“We sought to eliminate the compromise we were seeing on training grounds,” says Hoppins. “Players were wearing oversized jackets so they wouldn’t feel restricted, or forgoing a jacket altogether because they didn’t like the added weight and bulky look.”

In analyzing how to bring greater mobility to the Nike Revolution Jacket, Nike Football’s design team applied some key insights from the their Nike Golf colleagues, who recently designed a jacket that would not restrict a golf swing.



The football design team utilized a stretch engineered mesh through the back, shoulders and upper arms. The sleeves are constructed to move independently of the jacket chassis, providing full range of motion.

“Regardless of a jacket’s technical attributes, we know players won’t wear it if they don’t like how it looks and fits,” Hoppins says. “The way the Revolution Jacket moves with the body enabled us to provide a more tailored fit for the modern look of football.”

The Nike Revolution Jacket provides only what the player needs and strips away everything else, including excess bulk and weight. As a result, it is the lightest football jacket Nike has ever made.

Nike Football obsessed every design detail, from the welded pockets and zip covers that prevent zippers from flapping to the iconic stripe extending from the shoulder to the elbow.




The inside of the jacket features a jacquard mesh for breathability and comfort. The area under the arm flows air directly into the jacket to help keep the player from overheating. All of the technical elements of the jackets shine through the translucent shell, creating a stunning aesthetic.

Putting design very much at the heart of what they do to help performance reach its potential, this is truly one of those things we’re massive fans of. It’s all about the engineering, the finer details and making a product that delivers, beautifully.

The Nike Football Revolution Jacket will be available from tomorrow – 15th Jan.

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