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The Indy 11 are one of the NASL teams we’ve got a lot of time for. Champions of creativity, the club has recently been showcasing its proposed new plans for a new stadium.





With the project aiming to be wrapped up by 2017, it’s damn exciting times for the club.

Big fans of their creative exploits – looking forward to their season ahead…

There’s no denying the presence of adidas at any major sporting event. Whether it’s a World Cup final or your local Sunday league. The objective of the brand is always consistent. Powerfully so too.

The World Cup in Brazil however, was the chance for adidas football to really show what they are about. To tell the story, utilise their innovative products and appeal to the wide spectrum of spectator.

You may remember the enormous online presence adidas invested in when in Brazil. Creating their own TV channel throughout the tournament, ‘The Dugout’ was regular viewing for me – really top stuff.

Thanks to Soccerbible who brought this one to our attention, we couldn’t help but share it too – YouTube have mapped the journey with a behind the scenes look at what goes in to creating the content marketing masterpiece that was the World Cup by adidas.


Must watch!

Umbro have well and truly taken 2015 by the balls. Very much on a global fashion, teaming up with teams that have enjoyed recent successes has led to a number of great kits and products.

This time it’s JEC – Joinville Esporte Clube who were recently promoted to the Brazilian top flight.

Joinville Esporte Clube umbro kit 3

Launched at a special event with umbro, the two forces have partnered up creating another couple of gems for kit collectors the world over.

Joinville Esporte Clube umbro kit 2

Both home and away kits, delivered beautifully with great photography, it does the talking of a well dressed team.

Joinville Esporte Clube umbro kit 7

Joinville Esporte Clube umbro kit 8

Joinville Esporte Clube umbro kit 9

Joinville Esporte Clube umbro kit 10

Joinville Esporte Clube umbro kit 11

Joinville Esporte Clube umbro kit 12

Joinville Esporte Clube umbro kit 13

You can find out more about Joinville Esporte Clube here.

It’s hosted the Super Bowl, NBA finals and a vintage 1994 World Cup finals. This is a sad state of affairs.


Ever the fan of football stadia and the architecture involved. Many a masterpiece has been built to host the game we so dearly love.

This though, is a sadder tale. The Silverdome has gone from world class facility to neglected wreck. Just 30 miles outside of Detroit, the Pontiac Silverdome has been left to rot.


In what looks to be a pretty beautiful photographic journal, Johnny Joo has travelled all over capturing such sights. From theme parks to mansions his photography is most definitely to be admired.

Take a look at this video – pretty incredible.


Get his book, here.

The world cup brought so much incredible creative work with it. One example that absolutely smashed this out of the park, taking it to a whole new level was that of 32 | 64 | 90.

In their words:

32 | 64 | 90 is an international creative showcase, featuring a curated group of 32 creatives from the 32 competing countries in this year’s World Cup. Representing their national teams, the creatives will produce original 90 minute artworks that document their nation’s journey through the tournament.
After each match, the artworks by creatives from the two competing nations are presented side by side documenting their team’s performance and fortunes. Match by match, in victory and defeat, triumph and disaster, the collected images from the 64 matches in the tournament will provide a unique creative expression of the ‘World Cup muse’ as it has visited each team, each country and each creative.

They did just that. And it was heroic.

Profiles on all the designers can be found here.

Here’s just some of the incredible art work that featured. Be prepared – there’s A LOT of incredible creative.

imagegen (1)

imagegen (2)

imagegen (3)

imagegen (4)

imagegen (5)

imagegen (6)

imagegen (7)

imagegen (8)

imagegen (9)

imagegen (10)

imagegen (11)

imagegen (12)


You can see all of the match ups here.

Most exciting is that there is a book in the works which has a forward from the uber talented Daniel Sandison. Watch this space for that one!

A massive fan of Ctrl+C ever since their fine work of the ‘Pre-Season’ collection caught thine eye – they’ve done brilliant stuff here and what’s more, while stocks last, they’ve reduced many pieces by 40%. So while you can – go get ’em!





Football designed to perfection and a celebration of retro kits – get yours here. The summer is just around the corner after all!