Join a beautiful mission – Goal Click

There are countless reasons we passionate football loving folk, fall for the beautiful game. It is one of the few passions that strikes a chord of interest, wherever you are across the globe. Equally, it reaches out to so many human beings. It can be used for good, bringing people together and inspiring generation to generation.

Recently, ‘Goal Click’ was brought to our attention. It’s one of those initiatives we had a lot of time for, right from the off.

In their words:

Goal Click is a unique photography project that features real photos from real football fans around the world. They will be photos that symbolise football in their country, with the best photos brought together in an exhibition. The ultimate ambition is to find one person from every country in the world to join Goal Click.

Each photographer will be provided with one analogue camera with one film roll of 27 shots.

Here are some photos from Sierra Leone – you can see the full gallery along with interviews from the people there, here.

Goal Click 1

Goal Click 2

Goal Click 3

A truly incredibly powerful story to tell. You can follow the journey via twitter @Goal_Click

You can find out more info about getting involved here. Or if you know someone who you think would like to get involved, then just go here – get stuck in.

So much time for the good folks involved.

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