adidas Gamedayplus – Episode 5 Featuring Diego Costa, Bastian Schweinsteiger & Atsuto Uchida

Gamedayplus Episode 5 Image_00

The Champions Leage is BACK!

With that brings a fresh instalment of Gamedayplus from adidas football. Watch it here:


In this week’s episdode there’s a tour of FC Schalke 04’s impressive Valtins-Arena and a sit down with Atsuto Uchida ahead of the must-win game against Chelsea FC. There’s also a catch up with Bastian Schweinsteiger along with the addition of Diego Costa, Filipe Luís and Andreas Christensen at Chelsea’s training ground.

Gamedayplus Episode 5 Image_04

Bastian Schweinsteiger is quizzed on his Champions League knowledge, with questions about his debut match in Europe, his performance in that game and Bayern’s goals in the tournament last season.

For Diego Costa, Filipe Luís and Andreas Christensen – they take on the Gamedayplus Corner Challenge.

Gamedayplus Episode 5 Image_05

A highlight for us is a catch up with category manager Aubrey Dolan who introduces the brand new Hunting Series football boots – if you’ve not seen them already, take a look here. Beauts.

Gamedayplus Episode 5 Image_01

Finally, Uchida speaks about his attacking playing style and his relationship with compatriot, friend and rival Shinji Kagawa. There’s also an exclusive competition viewers can win a signed FC Schalke 04 shirt signed by the man himself, Uchida.


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