The Square Ball – 25 years of beauty.

Recently, we’ve featured a number of beautiful football magazines. From all over the globe, we as football design loving fans, partial to a spot of nostalgia, affordable art and kit collections are blessed to have the likes of Rabona, The Green Soccer Journal, Pog Mo Goal, Spiel, Howler and Eight by Eight to name just a few taking up precious shelf space.

One side of things that we have yet to spend much focus on is that of the independent fanzine – Specific to one club.

One that is well worth the accolade of Fanzine of the Year by the Football Supporters Federation is that of The Square Ball.

square ball 12elfth man 4

square ball cover 12elfth man 1

Remarkably, running for a solid 25 years, this full colour A5 magazine is packed with 56 art inspired pages is published 10 times a year for Leeds United fans by Leeds United fans.

square ball 12elfth man 2

square ball 12elfth man 6

square ball 12elfth man 7

Drenched in a legacy of its own, this fanzine stands out as a gem that should be treasured by the footballing community and for me personally, reiterates how lucky the football world is to have such a creative driven and talented following. Top illustrators, designers and writers, the level of quality is a cut above.

square ball 12elfth man 3

square ball 12elfth man 5

square ball 12elfth man 9

square ball 12elfth man 8

I’m not even a Leeds Fan yet I find myself captivated by the mag. There were simply too many good pages to feature! You can find out more about the fanzine as well as subscribe here.

We’d urge you to cast your vote in the Football Supporters Federation awards here.


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