Issue 4 of Eight by Eight is on its way!

Sweet beautiful footballing world. The latest issue of Eight by Eight is on the horizon!

eight by eight issue 4 football design 12elfth man

116 pages of original stories about global soccer including the Premier League, World Cup, European leagues, MLS and South America.

The latest issue covers a wide variety of topics and is awash with beautiful imagery. It’s simply stunning.

eight by eight issue 4 contents football design 12elfth man

Features in issue 4 include…

// Rooney Tunes: Manchester United is hoping its star will go from coyote to roadrunner under new manager Louis Van Gaal. by Jasper Lipton

// How To Make It In America: The Seattle Sounders’ DeAndre Yedlin is the poster boy for a generation of players who have risen through the ranks of the U.S. academy system. by Andrew Helms

// The Artful Rodgers: For Liverpool’s manager, the beauty of the game depends on constant tweaking. by Jonathan Wilson

// Mersey Boys: The full timeline of Liverpool’s history. by Stan Hey

// Revolution No. 9: Pairing Robert Lewandowski with Pep Guardiola is like putting caviar with blini. by Pete Jensen

// Kick Ass Roma: New American owner James Pallotta is bringing passion, smart business practices, and a fat wallet to the Giallorossi. by Colin O’Brien

// The Odd Couple: Our sit down chat with Roger Bennet and Michael Davies (Men In Blazers)—the preferred Englishmen of America’s football-loving public. by Miles Kohrman

Order yours from here.

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