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Surely a day like today just means us football obsessed folks should celebrate the beautiful world of blackout boots.

That’s why we’re kindly shunning the traditional ‘Black Friday’ and replacing it with Blackout Friday.

The game has been blessed with stunning offerings from so many brands and styles on the table.

These are just a snippet…











adidas has revealed a new pair of boots to celebrate the childhood of Leo Messi. The all new adidas Messi mirosar10 boots, are inspired by Leo’s upbringing in Rosario, Argentina where he learned the game and scored his first goals, before taking the road to glory.

ADIDAS miRosar10_Action_2x2

The name mirosar10 translates from Spanish to ‘my Rosario’ with the number 10 given prominence in the naming, in the same way Leo has himself given prominence to this number for both club and country.

Messi mirosar10 2

Messi mirosar10 3

Uniquely designed and truly inspired by Leo’s childhood, the boot reflects the roots of his legend. The orange of the boot signifies his first ever club, with the green representing their fiercest rivals, who Leo scored 4 goals against in his first significant 11-a-side game as a young child.

Messi mirosar10 Boot 1

The boot insoles are printed with a map of Rosario, Messi’s home town in his beloved Argentina, which is highlighted throughout along with the Batallón pitch – an abandoned military base field that Leo used to sneak onto through a hole in the fence to play football with his friends when he was a small child.

Messi mirosar10 Boot 2

Messi mirosar10 Boot 3

Four-time Ballon d’Or winner Leo Messi has torn up the history books in recent years, breaking many records in the process and his incredible goal haul at the age of just 27 confirms his place as one of the best players to ever play the game. Having eclipsed Gerd Muller´s 85 goals in a single year in 2012, Messi has gone on to score over 400 career goals, and these unique boots are testament to where it all began in Rosario, Argentina.
The Messi mirosar10 boot forms part of a wider adidas campaign which aims to tell the story of Messi’s legend through retail, online, digital and via social media. As part of the integrated experience, fans will be encouraged to create their own personalised insole of their home town for their chance to win it.

Messi mirosar10 Boot 4

The adidas Messi mirosar10 boots are available from Monday 1st December for purchase in selected adidas retail outlets, associated stockists and via

When stumbling across a magazine as beautfiul as this, you’ve got to thank the design gods. Issue 90 of colors magazine. Well of course, they’d dedicate it to the 90 minutes we worship.


The magazine is a mesmerizing celebration of football – it’s fans, players and global audience. Beautiful design, incredible photography and literary wonder. This is a magazine to sit back and indulge in.




Letting the good folks behind the magazine tell you about the issue:

Thirty-two teams. One golden trophy. This summer, an elite selection of extraordinary footballers finally comes together to play the most beautiful game on earth in COLORS #90 – Football. In this issue, a mechanical striker winds up to score at the 2014 RoboCup, a Saudi goalie dives for the save on a top secret pitch for women, and players from the streets of Sao Paulo to the fields of Dharamsala break out their bicycle kicks. For the 226 million footballers who play on streets, at school, at work, in jail and everywhere other than under the spotlight, COLORS presents the world’s most popular game as FIFA has never dared show it.

COLORS’ starting lineup also stars indigenous-only teams from the Amazon forest and Andean heights, a Danish squad of elderly gentlemen, the Czech Republic’s blind Avoy MU club, a team of South African lesbians taking the field to fight homophobia, Tanzania’s Albinos United playing against persecution, Italian priests, Egyptian ultras, and a group of match-fixing imposters from Togo. Each team appears with its own stats, flags, footnotes and crests.

In football’s long tradition of sticker albums, every issue of COLORS 90 – Football comes with a pack of player stickers. Swap with friends to collect the anonymous revolutionary Mexican striker; the Dharamsala sweater salesman Tenzin Kachoe, aka star midfielder for the Tibetan National Team; or a hologram of the trophy that one team is bound to win. Plus stories and strategies from the game itself: illustrated diagrams demonstrate how to scout a child champion, listen for the ball, and play in a bubble, on a skateboard, against Situationist philosophers or with a flaming coconut. In the back, a mini-book of yellow cards recounts the world’s most unusual on-field offenses, to stick in your pocket on the way to the pitch.















You can get yours and find out more about the utter assault of fantastic creativity that is Colors magazine, here.

Buy the latest issue here.

Print is far from dead. In fact, it’s very much alive – so much time for those behind this.

Always partial to football from all over the globe, I have a particular soft spot for this piece of news…


adidas and the Confédération Africaine de Football (CAF) have today unveiled the ‘Marhaba’, the Official Match Ball for the Orange Africa Cup of Nations, Equatorial Guinea 2015.

I was born in South Africa so have an affinity to African football and it’s vibrancy.

Taking inspiration from the intricate history of the tournament and its famously passionate fans, Marhaba was designed in collaboration with CAF. The distinctive gold and blue colouring on the ball represents the contrasting landscapes of the continent, from the Sahara desert to the bright azure sky.


The ball will be officially presented during the tournament draw in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea on Wednesday 3rd December 2014 by members of CAF and the Local Organising Committee.



Marhaba, like its counterparts in regional and international tournaments, has gone through a thorough testing process to make sure that it is suited to the playing conditions during the tournament. The technology incorporated into the bladder and carcass of Marhaba is identical to the Brazuca (2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil) and the ever popular UEFA Champions League™ Official Match Ball.


”Marhaba”, the Official Match Ball for the Orange Africa Cup of Nations, Equatorial Guinea 2015, is available to buy at selected adidas retail outlets and associated stockists from Monday 1st December.

Bring it on!

Gamedayplus Episode 5 Image_00

The Champions Leage is BACK!

With that brings a fresh instalment of Gamedayplus from adidas football. Watch it here:


In this week’s episdode there’s a tour of FC Schalke 04’s impressive Valtins-Arena and a sit down with Atsuto Uchida ahead of the must-win game against Chelsea FC. There’s also a catch up with Bastian Schweinsteiger along with the addition of Diego Costa, Filipe Luís and Andreas Christensen at Chelsea’s training ground.

Gamedayplus Episode 5 Image_04

Bastian Schweinsteiger is quizzed on his Champions League knowledge, with questions about his debut match in Europe, his performance in that game and Bayern’s goals in the tournament last season.

For Diego Costa, Filipe Luís and Andreas Christensen – they take on the Gamedayplus Corner Challenge.

Gamedayplus Episode 5 Image_05

A highlight for us is a catch up with category manager Aubrey Dolan who introduces the brand new Hunting Series football boots – if you’ve not seen them already, take a look here. Beauts.

Gamedayplus Episode 5 Image_01

Finally, Uchida speaks about his attacking playing style and his relationship with compatriot, friend and rival Shinji Kagawa. There’s also an exclusive competition viewers can win a signed FC Schalke 04 shirt signed by the man himself, Uchida.


In many ways, we really should just let the imagery do the talking here. Talented designer Emilio Sansolini has given the world this plethora of concepts, exploring how football shirts can take a vintage influence and stripping them back to a minimalist yet elegant style.

Here are just some of the great designs that he has created:

Emilio Sansolini vintage re-imagined 12elfth man football design 1

Emilio Sansolini vintage re-imagined 12elfth man football design 2

Emilio Sansolini vintage re-imagined 12elfth man football design 3

Emilio Sansolini vintage re-imagined 12elfth man football design 4

Emilio Sansolini vintage re-imagined 12elfth man football design 5

Emilio Sansolini vintage re-imagined 12elfth man football design 6

Emilio Sansolini vintage re-imagined 12elfth man football design 7

Emilio Sansolini vintage re-imagined 12elfth man football design 8

Emilio Sansolini vintage re-imagined 12elfth man football design 9

Top marks sir.

He’s a man of many football designs and I’d only urge you to take a look at more of his work. It’s a stunning portfolio.

You may remember we featured his NBA mash up not that long ago. Another fantastic piece of work.

On the topic of all things vintage. Don’t miss out on our Savile Rogue competition.

win savile rogue banner

Savile Rogue, purveyors of the world’s finest football scarves, have just launched their new Faithful scarf.

savile rogue faithful scarf

The Faithful scarf is an extra long football scarf in supersoft cotton and merino – it retails at £37.95. It’s one hell of a fine product.

And with frost setting in after one hell of a summer, they’re marking the occasion by giving The 12elfth Man readers the chance to win one.

If you’re not familiar with them, Savile Rogue scarves give a nod to football terraces of yesteryear, shunning in-your-face logos and cheap nylon in favour of a traditional bar design and the comfort, quality and warmth of top quality materials.

To get your hands on one… all you have to do is:

1. Follow The 12elfth Man on twitter
2. Follow Savile Rogue on twitter
3. RT this tweet.

savile rogue win


The prize is a Faithful scarf – if it isn’t available in your team’s colours then the winner can swap for a Classic.

savile rogue faithful scarf 3

Competition ends Wednesday 26th Nov – 23:59 GMT.