Things organised neatly – beautiful boot imagery from Umbro.

The last couple of weeks has been an utter feast for lovers of a football boot. We’ve been blessed with a wealth of colour, creativity and above all innovation.

Umbro are no exception to the rule, most recently launching the latest iteration of the Geo Flare, Speciali and UX-1 in fine fashion.

Always a fan of the ‘things organised neatly’ approach, this supporting imagery is stunning, each representing the character of the boot and it’s inhabitant.

Geo Flare

Built from a lightweight microfiber upper, the GeoFLARE features an enhanced re-ground rubber print at the toe to help control the ball in wet weather conditions while not compromising on design. Control is pushed further by the embossed medial pass pad, created purely for enhanced ball dampening and control.


Get yours from the good folk at Pro Direct Soccer here.


A boot with an evolved A-Frame design, the Umbro UX-1 Concept FG offers stability and security from a one-piece upper made from light, breathable material. It is football innovation at its finest – breaking the mould in boot design. It’s stunning on the eye.


Get yours from the good folk at Pro Direct Soccer here.

Speciali 4

Worn by top players around the world for over twenty years, the Speciali is a football icon. The latest edition of the boot, the Speciali 4, offers the comfort and fit that you’d expect from the Speciali. An evolution of the classic A-frame offers extra stability in the mid-foot region, while off-set lacing increases strike zones, a superb balance of timeless design and modern innovation that will appeal to players at every level of the game.


Get yours from the good folk at Pro Direct Soccer here.

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