The Price of Football Infographic from the BBC

Always partial to an infographic, in support of the annual ‘Price of Football‘ report – the BBC have presented the world with this rather eye-opening number.

BBC Price of Football Infographic

It’s an expensive game we follow.

Personally, I’m a season ticket holder. It doesn’t break the bank to support Bristol City – they are club who have actively made it very affordable for all age ranges and income brackets – I do however often make the comparison between other membership like subscriptions – should we expect more added value such as discounts and exclusive perks?

Yes would be my answer…and that’s despite currently being unbeaten in the league this season!

Call me greedy if you will but, the comparison I often fall back to is between supporting a League 1 club and supporting a top flight rugby team in South Africa. An obvious comparison I hear you say…

Sure it is a different world but to be an adult season ticket holder for the Natal Sharks – a top flight super rugby team – part of the elite of club rugby and home of many a Springbok international, you get all matches (including cup) AND access to international games. Not to mention casino vouchers, a regular magazine and heaps more. Nice eh:


Famously, it is far easier to retain a loyal customer, treating them well than it is to acquire a new one. Without fans there would be no football…

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