‘Matchday’ by AFC Bournemouth

The match day programme is something constantly evolving / being reinvented. It is a direct line between a club and it’s fans. In many ways, it is symbolic of a relationship between fans and club and along with that, it demonstrates how much respect a club has for its image.

Photo 04-10-2014 11 57 52

Much like the magazine industry, you do wonder how much of a decline the match day programme may have endured while digital channels become ever present. There is still obviously a demand for the tactile nature of print media. Adding value is key.

Up and down the country, there are plethora of beautiful football programmes – it is a market of mass differentiation and colour. There is one club that stands out from the rest in creating a product of substance and beauty – AFC Bournemouth have taken theirs to another level.

Photo 04-10-2014 12 03 26

‘Matchday’ resembles a high end coffee table magazine from the outside.

Photo 04-10-2014 11 58 42

Inside however, it’s not just the gloss, it is indeed designed and art directed in fine fashion but equally the content is rich and qualitative.

Photo 04-10-2014 12 01 19

Photo 04-10-2014 12 02 58

It even features a vintage programme from the same fixture, from years gone by.

Photo 04-10-2014 12 02 04

Photo 04-10-2014 12 01 02

Photo 04-10-2014 12 00 27

A quality paper stock, spot UV and an all round beautiful package.

Photo 04-10-2014 12 03 16

Photo 04-10-2014 11 59 55

Photo 04-10-2014 11 59 35

It doesn’t stop there either. Each issue of Matchday comes with a large double sided poster of a cherries legend.



Top work by all involved. Very much setting a benchmark whilst giving their fans something with great value. At £3 it is a steal and having travelled all over watching football – it’s up there with the best of them. No question.


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