Suit up for Sunday x NIKE.

So as you may well be aware, the NFL returned to London this weekend.

In celebration of the event, Nike launched ‘Suit up for Sunday’ – a short film that went behind the scenes with Oakland Raiders running back Darren McFadden and the Everton & US record-breaking goalkeeper Tim Howard.

The film reveals the intense dedication that McFadden and Howard invest in their physical training and mental preparation to perform at the highest-level of their respective sports, as well as the steps they take every day to make that a reality. Ultimately, the hours they put in off the field help make them world-class athletes on the field.

McFadden, who will take on the Miami Dolphins at Wembley Stadium this Sunday said: “When it comes to training for football, you’re only going to get out of it what you put in it, so you have to put 110% effort in every time you’re out there.”

Howard adds: “When you’re winning and you play well you feel like a king, you’re on top of the world – even if it just lasts for a day. You have to live it, you have to eat right, you have to sleep right, you have to look after yourself and, of course, when you get on the field or in the gym you have to push yourself to the limits.”

Tim Howard Football Meets Football - Nike.

Tim Howard Football Meets Football - Nike.

Tim Howard Football Meets Football - Nike.

Tim Howard Football Meets Football - Nike.

Beautifully shot – photographic genius. Tim Howard is arguably the coolest player in the Premier League (in our opinion – that beard.)

Both athletes were followed in the gym, through their locker rooms and on the training ground. As much as training is about physical strength, when it comes to optimum performance, the mental preparations are just as important.

“In the game, you’re at the rest of the team’s mercy. There are no excuses in the gym, so if I fail, it’s up to me” said Howard.

“It’s those last few reps where you get stronger, that’s where you win. The first couple are easy – they look good. It’s the last few that you have to mentally push yourself through, to get through a season, to get through a game, to get through a tough period in a game you have to be mentally strong.”

Tim Howard Football Meets Football - Nike.

Tim Howard Football Meets Football - Nike.

Pretty awesomely done isn’t it?

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