The tremendous work of 67 Inc.

The good guys over at 67 Inc are determined to make beautiful things for your walls. Just as well they’re damn good at it.

They have recently released two rather smashing pieces that would look nothing short of brilliant on the wall.

Firstly, Football Shirts A to Z.


In their words:

The beautiful game represented as 34 football club and team shirts from around the world in our new illustrated print. In most cases each shirt is a version of the club or teams greatest season or year, as always this is our opinion (our print, our rules). From Arsenal to Spain with many in between we have picked teams based on their European and World cup success (with a few thrown in because we liked the shirts). The A to Z cards are National sides and the number cards are International teams in order of the World Cups they have won.
Massive amen to that.

Get yours here.

Secondly, Football Legends A to Z.


In their words:

Collecting football cards was huge when we were kids, now you have the opportunity to get them all in one go and not have the annoying missing one or two! We came up with our list of the 35 greatest players of all time (this took a while, with many arguments) and have presented them as an A2 Alphanumeric / Alphabet print in the style of 1960’s trading cards. You may not agree with all of them, some letters were tricky and we have tried to have a range of teams throughout the print so some players may not be in their most obvious kits.

The players are shown in a combination of ‘International’ and ‘Home’ kits just to make guessing them a little more difficult. For the number cards we picked the player that we felt best represented that shirt number/position. Finally the last card has all the answers.
There are two versions of this design, one in colour and the other grey scaled. Both equally stunning.

Get yours here.


Love would be an understatement for these. Many kudos 67 Inc.

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