F.C. Real Bristol (F.C.R.B.) // the story is here.

Since its debut in 1999, the imaginary football team F.C. Real Bristol (F.C.R.B.) has dominated every tournament and remained undefeated champions years after year.


Conceptualised by SOPHNET. Founder Hirofumi Kiyonaga in 1999 and in partnership with Nike since 2000, F.C.R.B. synthesises Kiyonaga’s high-end street aesthetic that has led SOPHNET. to become a staple in Japan’s fashion scene, with industry-leading Nike innovations.





Hirofumi Kiyonaga goes on to say:

“I love football, and I hope to create unique sportswear that combines design and functionality, a collection to contribute to the advancement of football.”



It’s a whole new dimension to football x fashion. We’re big fans.

You can buy some stuff here.

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