adidas #PREDATORINSTINCT event – London

Celebrating the launch of the adidas Predator Instinct a four day event is being held in London which sees adidas give hundreds of fans a unique opportunity to test their football skills in a bespoke life size video game arena within which a team of hunters armed with a laser gun will stalk their prey…




The live event experience is designed to combine two of the 14-19 year old core audiences’ loves – football and gaming, testing those instinctive skills that simply cannot be taught within a fully immersive real to life experience. It’s a smart strategy.




The game consists of two levels, both different in design and difficulty, where you must avoid losing lives by keeping close control and keeping the ball away from the hunters laser tracking you as you make the journey through the course designed to dis-orientate you, through a full lighting set and smoke filled environment. Against the clock, you defeat the enemy and finish the level by getting the ball into their HQ.


predator the game 2

predator the game 6

So if you’ve seen some of the pictures dotted around the old WWW that’s what it’s all about. Moreover, for us it gives us a chance to share the appreciation of the experiential side of things – clearly a lot of thought has gone into the composition. We do like a geometric shape.


The #PredatorInstinct live event forms part of a campaign to mark the 20th Anniversary of the world’s most iconic boot- the adidas Predator, which has been worn by some of the best players in the game, from Beckham and Zidane through to Gerrard and Raul.

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