Up close and personal with the Mitre Delta V12S


Mitre, a brand steeped in rich football heritage and official supplier to the Football League – it’s one that all football fans will know.

It’s one of those things that every fan and player will have in common. At some point, they would have most definitely kicked a Mitre ball.

Recently, we were given the opportunity to have a kick about with the latest innovation to come out of Mitre HQ. The Delta V12S. You may have seen us post about it last week.

Getting up close and personal with the ball however meant we could experience what the pros can as well as marvel at its beauty from a first hand view.


And a beauty is exactly what it is. From a performance perspective, the ball absolutely glides. Mitre have been calling it their ‘fastest ever ball’ and it certainly is speedy. It zips around and will look truly majestic on the glorious surfaces of the Football League. Sticking with more traditional shapes, the ball is made up of 12 panels and has been engineered to perform.




From a design perspective, again it’s right on point and the use of geometric shaped patterns helps the ball standout representing the modern game that is being played. It’s contemporary and right on cue.

A big fan all in all, I certainly tip my hat to Mitre on this one.

To find out more – have a look here.

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