Pro Direct Soccer creates a shrine of Football at new flagship store ‘Pro-Direct LDN19’.

Brick and mortar retail is one of those areas constantly attracting negative press. High street chains closing by the bucket load, the days seem to be numbered by those who don’t keep up with the changes in consumer behaviour. Which is why it should be celebrated when a company makes the venture taking what has been typically digital, onto the high street.

pro direct soccer flagship store

Pro Direct Soccer have done just that – Opening up a flagship store just off Carnaby Street in London. It’s an experience above all. Showcasing the very best in football attire in a truly digital fashion. Introducing Pro-Direct LDN19

pro direct soccer flagship store 1

Interactive screens, giant monitors and a feast of colour. It’s a beautiful site and looks to be a bit of a mecca for like minded football loving folk.

pro direct soccer flagship store 2


Casting minds back to Nike’s interactive showcase in Phenomenal House over the summer, it’s so damn exciting to watch the evolution of football and the products it brings presented in such a way.


Serious kudos to Pro Direct.

You can find the store at 19 Foubert’s Place London W1F 7RS and opening hours are: Mon-Sat 10 – 7 Sun 12 – 6

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