Bristol City go back to Purple and Lime for 3rd Kit

In 1994 Bristol City conquered Liverpool on their own turf. Brian Tinnion the goalscorer.



(that video is 20 mins long!)

Donned in what is now a real classic kit, the purple and lime kits have been arguably the most cherished memorabilia amongst Bristol City fans.

bristol city purple and lime 2014 kit 12elfth man

I know this ‘cos I am one. And I’ve bid on every Purple and Lime shirt that has cropped up on eBay since forever.






With the shirt manufacturer now being the City’s own, Bristol Sport, the flexibility has been handed back to the club and they’ve bravely entered back into the world of Purple and Lime. You’d only have to browse this forum and see the positive response to know this has been timed to perfection.

Fans buoyant for the new season after some impressive summer signings – This kit is a thing of beauty.


They will wear the kit for the first time, away against Sheffield United this weekend which is also live on Sky.

Photography courtesy of JMPUK

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