Fear not! Football. Is. Coming. // Nice one Sky.

Sky GoalLine 2

Ok, so it’s not an area we’d normally look at but this is a great little campaign that Sky have created.

As despairing football fans across the country reach breaking point, Sky Sports have called upon iconic presenter Jim White to be their saviour, by serving as the voice behind the Sky Sports GoalLine – a unique helpline designed to rescue those caught in a post-World Cup comedown.

Those in need of a football fix should simply dial 0333 202 2177, to hear the concerned voice of Jim White, who, with tongue firmly in cheek, will rescue them from their despair. Once the caller has selected their Barclays Premier League team, they will be able to hear their side’s glorious goals, brought to life by the unmistakable voice of Martin Tyler and fellow commentators, – all of which were captured on Sky Sports during the 2013/14 season.

Jim White said: “I can sympathise with all of those fans out there – until Sky Sports asked me to help out on the GoalLine I was on the brink – I simply had no idea how I was going to cope over these next few weeks! I couldn’t be happier knowing that we’ll be doing our bit to help fans relive their team’s greatest moments of last season, reminding them that we’ll be back with them every kick of the way, with more of the games that matter live on Sky Sports from August 16th.”

Sky GoalLine 3

Hayley McQueen, who joined Jim to launch the GoalLine, said: “We’re always engaging with our viewers on Sky Sports News, and from what they were saying it was clear a helpline was needed to fill the void of top-flight football. We’re both fully on board and ready to do our upmost to support fans during this testing time!”

The Sky Sports GoalLine on 0333 202 2177 is free with inclusive minutes packages and for Sky Talk customers, otherwise standard charges apply. It will be available until the Barclays Premier League season starts on August 16th, with more of the games that matter shown on Sky Sports, your home of football. For more info visit SkySports.com/GoalLine and join in the conversation online with #GoalLine.

Sky GoalLine 1

Fear not football lovers. It is right around the corner!!

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