Introducing – The Unbeatables


Many years ago writer-illustrator Roberto Fontanarrosa wrote a short story about the life of a legendary ‘foosball’ player. About two decades later, Juan José Campanella acclaimed director and Academy Award© winner for ‘The Secret in their Eyes’ used the short story as inspiration and imagined a whole new universe. This became the foundation for the feature film ‘The Unbeatables’. Campanella has created a unique world of friendships, love and dignity.

unbeatables movie football 1

It looks charming, beautiful and quite frankly, damn right brilliant.

Here’s a summary of the film:

In the small village where Amadeo lives there is no one good enough to challenge his skills at Foosball.

unbeatables movie football 4

But, while Amadeo may be a genius as a table football player in real life he‘s a loser. He’s in love with Lara, his childhood friend, but he’s so shy that he can’t bring himself to confess his love for her. So he just hangs out in his quaint, timeless village.

When Amadeo beats the village bully Flash at Foosball (Table Football). The scene is set for an epic rivalry.

Consumed with anger Flash vows to get even and 10 years later he returns as an International Superstar, a Football Icon and Galatico determined to wreak his revenge.

He demolishes the village to build a football academy and an enormous stadium.

He destroys the bar, the foosball table and whisks away Amadeo’s girlfriend the lovely Lara in his helicopter.

Amadeo is distraught and when one of his tears falls on Skip the captain of the Table Football Players he comes to life and together with other key foosball players, Rico and Loco, they persuade Amadeo to fight back against the psychotic Flash and his manipulative henchman The Agent.

When after a series of roller coaster adventures the two rivals finally face each other they must settle their old score. But this time it won’t be on a foosball table; it will be in a real football stadium.

unbeatables movie football 3

Flash’s team of International superstars line up against a village team recruited, with Lara’s help, from the oddballs who live in the village. They may not be any good at football but they are playing for their very survival, their livelihoods and the life of the village.

unbeatables movie football 2

In an epic mismatch in which Amadeo’s honour and the future of the village are at stake, there seems to be only one possible winner. But this is football and anything can happen; not only will Amadeo and his village football team find a depth of commitment but, his beloved table foosball players share his passion, and together they make the impossible seem possible.

Sounds ace eh? Here’s the trailer:



What’s more, the cast is strong – Rob Brydon, Anthony Head, Ralf Little, Alistair McGowan, Rupert Grint and Peter Serafinowicz are all involved.

The film is out on the 15th Aug. Right in time for the new season.

Game on!

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