Now that is good kit – Nike Federations FuelBand

Although the future of wearable tech is still unfolding, The Nike+ FuelBand SE is a beautiful addition to an already stunning collection.


Again, it’s one of those products that sits in that wonderful place combining performance and style. Gotta love these hybrid products. The supporting photography is beautiful!


To celebrate one of the world’s biggest sporting moments, Nike created customized versions of the Gold Nike+ FuelBand SE for players and staff of the Brasil, England, France and U.S. football federations.


Previewed at the Nike Football Innovation Showcase back in April, these specially-made versions feature a federation logo engraved on the clasp and a Brasilian ‘picahau’ graphic engraved on the golden battery ‘doors.’





The Nike+ FuelBand SE tracks all-day movement using NikeFuel — the universal way to measure movement for all kinds of activities. A number of new innovations designed to motivate users to achieve their goals were launched with the new Nike+ FuelBand SE including:

Nike+ Groups to keep you and your friends connected and motivated to the feature-rich Nike+ FuelBand app via Bluetooth 4.0 technology


Sessions feature to track activities and intensity of workout

Cool huh!

You can get Nike+ FuelBand SE Gold from here.

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