Matt Pascoe Draws World Cup iPhone Wallpapers // Masters of Brazil

So when you’re out and about during the world cup, it’d be rude not to have donned your phone with a World Cup themed wallpaper, surely?

Talented illustrator Matt Pascoe has ignited his passion for football with these beautiful wallpapers.



Each one is designed to capture the personality of each player as well as the way in which they play the game.



Matt describes the collection in a fine way:

We are all different but we all tend to play in certain ways.

Some of us are the destroyers and take no prisoners, and others are lionhearted, and leave it all on the pitch.

Then there is the magicians who can do things you’d never think of and finally we have the enigmas, where you never know what is coming next!

You can download them from the Theme My Screen iPhone wallpaper app on the app store.

Do enjoy more of Matt’s work here. It is nothing short of brilliant!

And if you still want more, then roll the clock back a couple of months – we featured his work, here. Beauts!

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