June 9th – Risk Everything – Nike. ‘The Last Game’


All will be unveiled in due course I’m sure…In the mean time, these 6 second teasers look smart!

Last Sunday Cristiano Ronaldo shared a short clip of ‘himself’ trapping a ball on the edge of the area as hundreds of mysterious opponents converged. On Wednesday, Neymar Jr. tweeted a link showing his animated avatar bewildering the same opponents with a whirlwind of step-overs.

The same day, Zlatan Ibrahimovic posted a clip of his own character that showed ‘Wayne Rooney’ and ‘Franck Ribery’ setting the animated Zlatan up for a scissor-kick that looked destined for the top corner. Today Wayne Rooney also shared a short tease of what may be in store for him in the movie.

These clips exist in the animated world of “Last Game.” The short film, created by Nike, Wieden + Kennedy and Passion Pictures, tells the tale of a world where football has become bereft of risk and beauty, and only the world’s greatest players can save the game from extinction.

“Last Game” will premiere online at http://www.nike.com/riskeverything June 9 at 5 p.m. BST (UK).

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