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adidas has unveiled a special edition of football boots for Lionel Messi, which he is scheduled to wear in training on his 27th birthday today, ahead of Argentina’s final group game tomorrow against Nigeria in Porto Alegre.


The new boots are a birthday edition of the adizeroTM f50 Messi boots, which the Argentinian wizard is currently wearing for the FIFA World Cup™ Brazil.

These feature a sleek colour scheme of green, blue, pink, orange and white, along with the iconic adidas three stripes, which combine revolutionary technologies with the precision engineering befitting of a four-time Ballon d’Or winner.

There are to be 27 total pairs made in total – each boot made to celebrate each year of Messi’s life – with two exclusive signed pairs to be given away on a competition @teammessi on his birthday.

The birthday boots are a tribute from adidas to the Argentinian captain, who has scored two goals in as many games so far in the tournament. Messi hopes he will get the ultimate birthday present by adding to this tally on Wednesday evening and ensuring top spot for Argentina in the group.

I love this from the talented bunch at Dublin based agency, Atomic Advertising. A great way to showcase their skills whilst following a World Cup in which their team is absent from.

“Some fans solemnly shook their heads. Some shed a single solitary tear. Some sunk to their knees, pummelled their chests and looked to the heavens bellowing ’NOOOOOOOOOOOO’.

And then, they moved on with life.

Not Atomic.”

Describing themselves as ‘green to the core’. They’re not letting another World Cup go by without supporting the boys in green. Any boys in green.

Atomic have designed 4 special edition commemorative posters declaring our support for, in no particular order, Nigeria, Cameroon, Mexico & Algeria.





Join the conversation and support the BOYS IN GREEN! #COYBIG.

Nice one guys!

Diego Luna’s new short film – a lovely shot piece set in his hometown, Mexico City, highlighting the power that football has to bring joy and youthfulness to any community. It is well worth a watch:


The inspirational short tells the story of a group of young-at-heart senior citizens who form the Liga de Interclubes de Fútbol Soccer Amateur, to discard the weight of life and play the sport they love, showing us the joy the timeless game of football provides – no matter the age.

Diego Luna short film 3

Diego Luna short film 2

Diego Luna short film 1

Having starred in the likes of Milk and The Terminal, Luna recently took to directing (with his first film César Chávez being released earlier this year) and has now tried his hand at short film with this filmtrack – the latest release from Pepsi Max’s Beats of the Beautiful Game visual album – an exclusive collection of 11 anthemic songs and companion short films, or ‘filmtracks,’ that capture the spirit, sights and sounds of football.

You may remember we featured the artwork for this last week. That’s been created by our fave’s ilovedust.

ilovedust pepsi rita ora

The film coincides with the official release of Rita Ora’s track “I Will Never Let You Down (Switch Remix)” – a fresh remix of her summer smash hit – which features in the short film, playing to the keen football players as they make the journey to the big game.

Ace isn’t it?

The latest, beautiful issue of Pickles Magazine – No. nine focuses on ‘Pride’.

pickles world cup special issue nine 12elfth man design football 1

James Phillips looks back at the 1950 World Cup, the last time Brazil hosted the event and Mark Holloway explores the idea of Brazilian nationalism and national identity. But Pickles isn’t just for the World Cup.

pickles world cup special issue nine 12elfth man design football 2

The guys have also collaborated with Kamp Seedorf on a very cool project and a fitting tribute to the Black Pearl. Well worth a look-see.

pickles world cup special issue nine 12elfth man design football 4

As well as that, take a closer look at the project the team worked on with Nike creating a truly unique, limited edition football. It’ll make any designers mouth water – ‘tis a promise!

pickles world cup special issue nine 12elfth man design football 3

Plus, original illustrations and 11 previously unseen articles by a team of talented writers all bring the latest issue together in another triumphant gift to the world.

You’ll get 44 pages, full colour and printed digitally with the Newspaper Club. Tabloid size, Pickles will be delivered folded in half. A mere £4!

Please go check ‘em out!

Well this is tremendous.

A visual guide of all 32 teams, their kits, groups and some extra trivia to boot. The talent that the World Cup has brought to the fore is massively exciting – I urge you to check out more from Sounas Design. It’s magnifico.

sounas design world cup infographic 12elfth man

These images, part of the same piece are stunning:

sounas design world cup infographic 12elfth man 2

sounas design world cup infographic 12elfth man 3

sounas design world cup infographic 12elfth man 4

But most fantastically – have you ever wanted to see how someone with supreme talent like this brings an illustration from sketch to full blown digital masterpiece. Well here you go:


Once again, you’ve gotta check out his tremendous work.

Minimalist beauty. That’s what I’d say about the fine work by the guys at World F.C.

As well as a lovely collection of t-shirts, they have recently released these prints (and more) – The Captain Collection – to celebrate a certain feast of football that is happening in Brazil! THE WORLD CUP! (Yep, I’m still seriously giddy about it being underway).

argentina captain world cup poster design 12elfth man

australia captain world cup poster design 12elfth man

croatia captain world cup poster design 12elfth man

dutch netherlands captain world cup poster design 12elfth man

england captain world cup poster design 12elfth man

france captain world cup poster design 12elfth man

Explore their stuff and get your hands on a print or two here.