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Ladies and gents of the football loving art world, may I introduce to you an exhibition exploring the rituals, language and tribal identity of football – ‘YOU’RE SH*T ARRRGH!’


An 11-strong squad taking on this monumental task includes photographers,
filmmakers, sculptors, painters and conceptual artists – together they create a blend of styles, tactics and approaches set to challenge any of their rivals.

YSA images20140408_0348

Undoubtedly the perfect accompaniment to your summer sports viewing, the pie to accompany your pint. Half-time entertainment and supported activities include a night of football themed films; screening of a World Cup game with musicians creating and improvising an ambient soundtrack through live-mixing and programming, and a literary football match with young writers competing head-to-head.

YSA images20140430_0353

YSA images20140408_0347

YSA images20090520_0346

How flippin’ good does that all sound?

Kick off is on June 5th, one week before the start of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. It will run up until 14th June 2014 from 26 Camden High Street, London NW1 0JH.

YSA images20140508_0351

YSA images20140430_03451

So Londoners, do us proud and support your local club.

All information can be found here.

Heritage brand Nicholas Deakins have continued to build upon its reputation for innovative and original design.

This post comes with a damn cool beard warning.

JQ_NicholasDeakins_22_007 copy

The collection of apparel draws inspiration from performance and sporting styles, utilising technical fabrics with classic silhouettes and terrace chic to create a clean and classic collection.

JQ_NicholasDeakins_13_012 copy

Most importantly for us, Spring / Summer 2014 sees the brand include a range of pieces inspired by the history of England football, supporting the World Cup taking place in the Summer of 2014.

JQ_NicholasDeakins_33_006r copy

As well as that the collection also sees the brand focus on premium materials such as suede, leather and nylon across a number of new silhouettes in their shoe range. The collection features a number of low-profile styles, including new variations on traditional hand stitched moccasins and espadrilles with high tech updates.

JQ_NicholasDeakins_31_011 copy

JQ_NicholasDeakins_27_024 copy

Since their humble beginnings in 1991, Nicholas Deakins has built an unrivalled reputation for their quality design and manufacturing. For over 22 years they have been producing contemporary clothing and footwear for the style conscious man, as the brand continues to evolve whilst holding true to the styles on which it has built its name. Nicholas Deakins continues to evolve whilst holding true to the styles on which the brand has built its name. The Spring/Summer collection 2014 will be available in stores and from

karoshi wall chart 12elfth man football design 4

Showcasing their multi-disciplined, creative wizardry, London based agency Karoshi set out to merge their passions for design and football in developing this wall chart in both print and digital formats.

karoshi wall chart 12elfth man football design 3

The limited edition screen printed wall chart is B2 in size, donning a crisp silver ink and comes supplied with a metallic pen allowing fans to record results onto the poster. It’s beautiful when structured graphics come to life when you mix printed type with handwritten (cannot wait to put the first scores on ours).

karoshi wall chart 12elfth man football design 2

As well as that, the team created a responsive website which gives users the opportunity to customise the site to reflect their own team colours as well as time zone. It also features a downloadable fixture list and will be updated as the tournament unfolds. You can see, both print and digitally, the execution and delivery is perfect.


karoshi wall chart 12elfth man football design 6

karoshi wall chart 12elfth man football design 5

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on (the page Korashi have created) and follow their twitter account @BrazilFourteen for your chance to win one of the beautiful printed wall charts.

karoshi wall chart up on the wall

karoshi wall chart unwrapped

karoshi wall chart devices

Do check out Karoshi here. I’m a big fan of their work.

Simple and effective these numbers.


Unveiled by Queens Park Rangers players Joey Barton, Charlie Austin and Nedum Onuoha, the shirts were donned in front of QPR fans at Nike’s Phenomenal House at the Sorting Office and good old ‘arry was there too.

(cheer up Joe)

The home kit features the classic royal blue and white-hooped design on the jersey, along with all-white shorts and socks.




The away jersey boasts a bold red and black striped design and a stylish V-neck collar. The away kit shorts and socks are both black.




The elegant and modern third kit comes in an all-white design.


Nike Dri-FIT technology and engineered mesh material construction helps players stay dry and cool on the pitch, increasing breathability and air flow where athletes need it most, to help the team perform at the highest level.

This video should come with a warning. It’s damn cool and see’s the golden arches join the rest of the official sponsors who have been launching their World Cup campaigns.

As well as that, through beautifully designed packaging, the brand has embraced augmented reality and launched a bespoke app too.

Here’s the packaging:

mcdonalds world cup packaging design football 12elfth man

and here’s a video, showcasing the app:

adidas ait 01-29-14_ 150

Ahead of the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, adidas has released the much anticipated micoach SMART BALL. You can buy it here and download the app from today.

We were lucky enough to test the ball last week and honestly, it was awesome. Being able to improve your dead ball skills so quickly and in a variety of ways did truly feel like engineered brilliance, at our finger tips.


The SMART BALL is a Bluetooth Smart and app-enabled soccer ball with integrated sensor technology for dead-ball kicking training such as penalties, free-kicks, shooting, corners, long passes or goal kicks. The SMART BALL relays data on how hard it has been struck, offers visual flight trajectories, depicts ball spin and shows impact points via the adidas miCoach SMART BALL app available for iPhone and iPod touch. This data can then be used to help train players, providing coaching instructions on how to alter kicking technique to bend free kicks, launch knuckle balls and generate more shot power.

strike blue dot

Alvaro_Negredo_Smart_Ball-016_RT2 copy

The miCoach SMART BALL has a range of ways to help improve kicking skills, giving the ability and confidence to deliver when it matters most. The intuitive miCoach SMART BALL companion app offers a dedicated training section for users to focus on improving their skills with tutorials to help master progressively more advanced techniques, including the elusive ‘knuckle ball’. A ‘challenge yourself’ section, which challenges you to kick the ball within a certain speed, bend around a wall or try to replicate pro level free kicks. There is also a ‘record book’ section to save and record all kicks to improve and track performance over time.

Challenge kicks are supported with social sharing functions. The adidas micoach SMART BALL also features wireless charging capabilities and comes with a charging dock.


Speaking at the retail launch, Christian DiBenedetto, adidas senior innovation director said, “We’re proud to bring the miCoach SMART BALL to soccer players around the world. There was a huge amount of interest in the concept when we first showcased the ball. The testing feedback from both amateur and professional athletes has been tremendous and we know users will love the engaging and instructional training this ball will bring to their game. It is another great example of the breakthrough innovation we bring to sports to make athletes better.”

knuckle result


BD_Adidas_WC_Rome_Hector_Moreno_SmartBall_004 copy

DiBenedetto continued, “The adidas miCoach SMART BALL is a personal training tool. Everything we do at adidas is about helping athletes perform at their highest level and the SMART BALL is designed to help players train and refine technique, allowing athletes to improve flair, skill, power and control.”

David_Silva_Smart_Ball-003 copy

It doesn’t come cheap at £249.95 but if you are serious about learning how to improve your game without constantly rewinding YouTube clips and you’ve got a little cash to splash, all ages would have heaps of fun with this.

Find out even more about the ball and buy it from here.

The app is free to download from the app store.

“Proudly Wear Your Colours With Style”

That’s the bottom line that leads the way in the Manifesto of the good guys over at Urban Gent.

Bringing together, football and fashion with design at its core, these guys are doing something brilliant.

This is what they stand for…


And here’s a snippet of their beautiful collection.

2detail (1)




Awesome eh!


6 (1)



So join the revolution, support something beautiful and take a look at all these good folk have to offer here.