The absolutely STUNNING work of Olivia Odiwe

I cannot shout loud enough about the work of Olivia Odiwe. I think it is incredible.

Truly unique, I urge you to check out more and if you fancy a print or two (you’ll definitely want more) then you can pick them up from here.

Celebrating fantastic partnerships from the game, these are just a handful of fantastic pieces in a collection of many! Illustration at its finest.

olivia odiwe thiery henry birthday 12elfth man

olivia odiwe bergkamp henry 2

olivia odiwe thiery henry dennis bergkamp 12elfth man

olivia odiwe thiery 1 12elfth man

oliviaodiwe giggs beckham 12elfth man

saswebsite_oliviaodiwe 12elfth man

1014web_oliviaodiwe 12elfth man

gb_united1fulllr_oliviaodiwe 12elfth man

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