Nike’s Phenomenal House. Is just that.

Last night we were lucky enough to visit Nike’s Phenomenal House at the Old Sorting Office, New Oxford St.

Photo 29-05-2014 18 46 41

It was quite frankly a brilliant experience. The place looks the nuts. Outside, the energy is simmering and inside it’s boiling. Positively boiling.

Photo 29-05-2014 18 52 18

Photo 29-05-2014 18 53 08

Phenomenal House has been a mecca for football fans. From the celebration of Nike FC with the memorabilia surrounding this unique club, to the history lesson in boot and footwear design. What Nike have done here is humbling. A wide mix of ages, all welcome and inspired by what’s on offer.

Photo 29-05-2014 19 01 47

Photo 29-05-2014 18 59 18 (1)

Supernatural Football

Last night we were lucky enough to be part of the audience with Shawn Hoy, Nike Football’s Footwear Product Director. His enthusiasm, love of the game and charismatic desire to keep creating game changing footwear is contagious. For me personally, seeing so many people, of all ages queue up to speak to the man – even after the 30 minute talk he offered the crowd, shows just how people always want to know more about what goes into products we can often take for granted.

Photo 29-05-2014 21 46 09

Photo 29-05-2014 21 37 14

The fantastic thing about football and indeed its fans is that the love of the game doesn’t stop on the pitch nor after the 90 minutes. It’s woven into the boots, shirts and scarves.

I was lucky enough to sit down and have a chat to Shawn. For that I am truly grateful to the guys at Nike. The interview will go online next week along with an look at the incredible collaboration that Nike and Pickles Magazine put together.

Until then, enjoy the pics and find out more about Phenomenal House, here.

Photo 29-05-2014 21 48 01

Photo 29-05-2014 21 47 52


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