Au revoir ‘bus of shame’

Dubbed ‘the bus of shame’ after the last World Cup appearance from the French national side, adidas helped destroy these memories, quite literally and crushed the bus recently.

See the video here:

The goal of this daring initiative: adidas wanted to remove this dark souvenir from its memory, in order for everyone to look forward, to take on the past and to give their best to make history.




And with that – a new start – a happier, more creative and more positive one, the bus will also take a final trip full of surprises. After its destruction by a recycling specialist company, the « rests » of Knysna will literally reborn from the chaos thanks to the art magic. The sculptor-designer Louis-Guillaume Piéchaud, famous for his work into the Lutetia hotel, will transform this destroyed bus in true piece of art, but also let the bus recognizable by adding some elements like the license number, the covering, etc. The result will be showcased at the adidas store Champs Elysées, and then will be put on auction at the benefit of the Diambars association, for their socio-educational program Stade Sup, which aim is to make that “sport passion leads to the education”.

This gesture « all in or nothing » from the football leader brand is an incentive to move forward. The public destruction of this bus is the true illustration of the adidas campaign ‘all in or nothing’.

In their own words:

It allows us to understand a fundamental element: the border between victory and defeat is very tight. But the consequence of a fail can be tragic. The bus of shame shows all this together: how a spark can change the destiny of a hero team to a hated team. adidas has definitely turned the page of Knysna’s bus, by transforming this failure symbol into a piece of art. But the great champions can’t make the same errors twice. This time, they will have to give their best, to put everything to not regret anything. To be forgiven. And to remind us that, for adidas, football is all in or nothing.

Here’s some rather dashing photos from the event.








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