Introducing the Spring / Summer 14 Nicholas Deakins collection

Heritage brand Nicholas Deakins have continued to build upon its reputation for innovative and original design.

This post comes with a damn cool beard warning.

JQ_NicholasDeakins_22_007 copy

The collection of apparel draws inspiration from performance and sporting styles, utilising technical fabrics with classic silhouettes and terrace chic to create a clean and classic collection.

JQ_NicholasDeakins_13_012 copy

Most importantly for us, Spring / Summer 2014 sees the brand include a range of pieces inspired by the history of England football, supporting the World Cup taking place in the Summer of 2014.

JQ_NicholasDeakins_33_006r copy

As well as that the collection also sees the brand focus on premium materials such as suede, leather and nylon across a number of new silhouettes in their shoe range. The collection features a number of low-profile styles, including new variations on traditional hand stitched moccasins and espadrilles with high tech updates.

JQ_NicholasDeakins_31_011 copy

JQ_NicholasDeakins_27_024 copy

Since their humble beginnings in 1991, Nicholas Deakins has built an unrivalled reputation for their quality design and manufacturing. For over 22 years they have been producing contemporary clothing and footwear for the style conscious man, as the brand continues to evolve whilst holding true to the styles on which it has built its name. Nicholas Deakins continues to evolve whilst holding true to the styles on which the brand has built its name. The Spring/Summer collection 2014 will be available in stores and from

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