Well, it is Record Store Day – World Cup Songs

Thought it only right, being Record Store Day and all to take a little trip down memory lane, stopping off at a selection of World Cup related ditties.

The good, the bad and the darn right ugly.

What a classic // New Order – World In Motion


France 98 – epic // Dario G – Carnival De Paris


Korea and Japan 2002 – eeeeerm. Not so epic // Vangelis – simply titled ‘Anthem 2002 FIFA World Cup’ …I see what they’ve done there.


Germany 2006 – a nice collection of footage in the video // Il Divo with Toni Braxton – The Time Of Our Lives


South Africa 2010 – This for me, is awesome // Wavin’ Flag – K’Naan


Which brings up to 2014 and this number from Coca-Cola // The World is ours – La Copa de Todos


But enough about that, whatever team you support, the Anfield Rap is poetic genius.


They don’t just play, they can rap aswell…

Nothing tops this though does it.


Must always be 96. Never 98.

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  1. Cool videos, they do bien memories. Have you checked out Pitbull’s song? We Are One. We posted it on studzup.wordpress.com

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