Beauty is in the hands of the Magista owner.


Last week I was kindly invited to experience the newest piece of technological and sporting wizardry by Nike. The Magista.

This genuinely, is no ordinary boot. As the first of its kind, the bar has been set at an unbelievably high standard. Of course, from Nike, you’d expect no less but this is something else.

It truly is an experience.

magista_12elfthman_12th_man_beauty_close_up_changing_room_disected copy

These boots are engineered to perfection. Introducing the first ever boot to the market with a built in ankle sock was one thing but to make it so aesthetically, bloody beautiful is another. Both have been nailed here.

The material is light yet durable, flexible though tough.


Putting on the boots was an absolute game changer. Visually, the Magista is stunning. The design loving side of me is besotted with this boot. As someone who plays a lot of football though, you can never be too sure on a boot until you’ve got it on.

The Magista slips on easily, it hugs your foot but in a comfortable way. What struck me the most was just how natural a fit it was. Most shoes you get, you’ve got to wear them in haven’t you? Not this time.

I felt at home in these boots.

magista_12elfthman_12th_man_beauty_close_up_changing_room copy


magista_12elfthman_12th_man_locker copy

Playing in them was just as satisfying – a natural fit.




I’ll say at this point, this blog is impartial. I may sound like I’m gushing but that’s largely down to the fact that I’m more of a fan of only really showcasing things that I like. It’s not arrogance, I’d rather just focus on the good rather than the bad.


As a brand ‘Magista’ is on point. It’s logo and delivery is minimal with a good use of type. Overall, it is empowering.


A brand and boot that will just keep evolving, the design elements are beautiful.


The hardest part of this experience was by no doubts, handing the boots back. They are an utter joy. Understandable however. The boot is yet to be released but you won’t be able to miss them in Brazil – I’m sure about that.

Can’t be sure on price of the Magista yet but I’m sure it will be at the more professional end of the scale. That said, I’m sure they will be accessible.

magista_12elfthman_12th_man_beauty_final copy

I’d like to thank Nike for giving us the perfect environment to truly experience this boot.

When these hit the shops, I urge you to go an just take a look. You’ll be in awe with them in your hands.

Watch this space for more Magista developments.

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