Risk Everything – Gain it all – the triumphant work of ilovedust.


The Nike ‘Risk Everything’ campaign has triumphed over the last couple of weeks since launching. It’s execution, is nothing short of perfection.

Behind the wizardry are the award winning folk at ilovedust

For me, they have been a constant source of inspiration from a number of years. I’m not going to deny it, I am obsessed with their work. If I could, I would have prints filling every nook of wall space going.


Having splurge that bit of arty-fanboy-ness, I say this with a balanced mind. They truly are brilliant at what they do. In my eyes, incredibly on point.

Focusing back on this campaign itself – it places England (and all the other Nike teams being embraced by it) at the heart of cool. It gives them all a refreshing edge.




It must be said though, when it comes to putting a collection of work like this together, the print and graphical elements only go so far – it’s the ability to take that concept and carry it out across multiple platforms, that really is the art of it all.

These point of sale / installation pieces show just how this is all tied together.



Enjoy a hearty Sunday dinner won’t you, Nike and ilovedust have nailed this one.


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