Messi and Adidas – Introducing: Fast or Fail


He’s taken on, and beaten the best of ‘em but now Mr Messie is available in game form. Not Fifa or Pro-Evo.

No, no. Lionel has his own game thanks to Adidas.

What’s more, by playing and getting involved, fans can play for their chance to win the opportunity of a life-time in going to Brazil for the World Cup.

The game not only requires players to use their own talents, but is also powered by social media meaning that the more Leo Messi is talked about online, the faster the game becomes and the more chance competing players will have of winning the trip to Brazil.

Some beautiful imagery has been created for the game. Just some examples, below!



All you need to know / see / play / do is here:

Pretty epic eh!

Oh yeah, and THOSE boots.




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