That’s how you package a product – Adidas

Delightful photography from Adidas here to compliment and emphasise what can be done with Mi Adidas.

Thrown in a great image created to support the launch of the Bayern Munich 13/14 away kit.

64449_10151599454258531_661780696_n 532119_10151599209548531_1298575682_n 579025_10151599350073531_80879567_n 599611_10151599210223531_1309504139_n 994897_10151599755528531_1932021573_n (1) 1016993_10151599350648531_122226671_n 1148823_10151599758663531_597549419_n 1150908_10151599762798531_935670808_n 1150957_10151599764283531_62382277_n (1) 1184815_10151599209983531_1059651927_n 1187044_10151599341293531_1211464265_n 1233445_10151607915938531_1531719242_n 1234415_10151599461588531_1708703625_n 1234718_10151599461333531_1908481371_n 1234934_10151599341718531_1323490635_n 1235199_10151599463333531_1269000425_n 1236147_10151599321038531_545118804_n 1239854_10151599210048531_925312219_n

Not bad 😉


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