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Following on from our post recently on the teasers Chelsea and Adidas released…

Chelsea have now unveiled their new 2013/14 kit.

Personally, I like it and would say execution has been effective.

Amongst other things, the video is excellent.

Sure, Chelsea are going to have more resource than a lot of clubs to ensure they get this right but credit where it’s due. This is a good launch.

new_chelsea_shirt new_chelsea_shirt_3 chelsea_new_kit_launch its_blue new_chelsea_kit new_chelsea_kit_2 new_chelsea_shirt_2


Well played Chelsea.

Good folk and lovers of football.

Behold, Field.

A combination of beautiful design, football, culture, fashion and art.

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With a circulation of 55,000 copies per issue, if you are lucky enough to support a Premier League team then be sure to pick up your copy from a match soon!

Field has come from the makers of Spiel:

There’s a great article with one of the guys behind the magazine on the Umbro blog, here:

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