Monthly Archives: February 2013

Football week is definitely worth a look football fans.

A weekly iPad magazine, great articles and some pretty smart photography and lovely slice of infographics to boot. You can get a free trial as well so you may as well sample it and see what you think.

Find out a little more by visiting the Football Week website here:

Here’s some screen grabs from the special FA Cup issue from a few weeks back:






It’s released every Friday so check out I reckon!

Here’s the link:

BSC Young Boys are switched on.

This great campaign was created by agency, KOMET of Switzerland.

It’s a great way of building a relationship between fans and club and generally speaks volumes. The creative is simple and effective.

Very well done from us!

Also below is an image taken from the BSC Young Boys Facebook page which is kept up to date and in short, they’re just doing it right, giving fans access to things that can’t be accessed anywhere else and building a great connection. It’s great to see.



Here’s a link to the full campaign and hi-res creatives along with more video.

Massive Kudos to them.